Nokia Security Code Crack

September 14, 2007 by Anil Polat  

In case you’ve forgotten the stolen your Nokia cell phone’s security code, you can crack it here for free. I’ve checked the site, it’s safe and works – all you’ll need is the IMEI number inside the battery cover.

Those of you wanting to port your number to another carrier will need to unlock your phone. Be careful if you obtained the phone used, they may leak your personal information. You should zeroize Treos and Palms and check the manual to wipe simpler mobiles like Nokias and Samsungs.

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  1. meer says:

    my nokia model 2626,,,,,, forget pwd…..imei no,353942017376266,,plz give me security code

  2. Mono says:

    the method above aint workin at all..

  3. bala says:

    my phones display is damaged ,i have set a password on it but the one side of touch working another side not working so i cant able to see the IMEI number so how i crack the password plz tell me ,my phone is Lumia 520

  4. Om prakash says:

    I forgot my security coad of 2690 how can i crack this please help me.

  5. abrar says:

    im already locked out of my nokia 2760h
    how can i bypass this security code stage? because idk one what screen to type *#06#

  6. DIGU-J says:

    Hi i have forgaot my nokia mobiles security code and my mobile is lock so i am not even use it o plz help me????

  7. mohit says:

    i just forgot my nokia x3 security code and i want to reset it.
    how i can do it??

  8. bala says:

    hello my nokia aceepts only 4 words as password , if the number exceeds 4 it tells as wrong password answer me…………….plzzzzzzzz

  9. nokia1203 says:

    I forget sequirity code how to unlok it

  10. Ranjeet says:

    Plz give me crack

  11. gar says:

    it gives mastercode when i type on my phone it says code error

  12. nizam says:

    i need to unlock my phone nokia x3-02

  13. Cheslyn says:

    I want to remove a security code from a nokia x3-00 please.I picked it up a few days ago as i walked home from my place of employment…

  14. Attaelroy says:

    Am,attaelroy i fogort my security code n2730 imei 357978030876938

  15. Sarah says:

    Hi plz i need to unlock the security code…. I dont know how. Plz help me. IMEI: 357273056889472

  16. fhaindongo says:

    I forgotten security code of my nokia x2-02 IMEI 351695056453543 master code 7072143173 I tried it does not help. pleas help me wiyh the security code

  17. usman bhatti says:

    359051/04/93754/4 that’s my imei number

  18. avetar says:

    Here’s my imei 353770/04/550647/5 can I v security code for x3 nokia

  19. Amir says:

    above method is not working. is there a way u can help me with nokia c3-00?
    IMEI: 358275040127504
    Mastercode: 7002363213

  20. Carlo says:

    Sir anil polat i tried typing the IMEI and the site gave me code but when i type it to my noki 1200 it says code error

  21. gar says:

    not working

  22. Sam says:

    I have forgot my security code

  23. Vishal Thakur says:

    no, it’s not working.

    it is showing code error

    • Anil P. says:

      Just checked, the site seems to be up. Maybe you hit it at a bad time – let me know if it still continues to give you problems.

  24. Anil P. says:

    @ Mehul:

    Let me know how it goes.

  25. ben says:

    hi , i have a nokia N79 please help me cause i cant use my phone i forgot my security code. please email me when you find the solution am desperate. i have tried generating the code but it gives me an error when i enter it in my phone.

    • Anil P. says:

      If you enter the incorrect code too many times you’ll need to take it to someone for a hard reset. Might be different for the N79 but not sure.

  26. ben says:

    is there some sort of software i can download? cause wheneva i switch my phone on, the code prompt is the first thing i see and i cant get past it being that i dnt remember my code. is there another way apart from performing a hard reset?

  27. ben says:

    thanks one more thing, how is the hard reset done? maybe i could do it myself. i just dont trust phone repairers with the phone. the last time i took my phone there it messed up even more

    • Anil P. says:

      That I’m not sure about – I think they’ve got to plug a data cable in and use some specialized software to unlock. I think it’s going to be a bigger hassle and probably more expensive to do it yourself.

  28. ben says:

    in that case i’l do just that. thanx so much

  29. Tanweer says:

    i forgot my security code of my nokia 5610 xpress music, kindly advice me how can i recover it.

  30. Nabila says:

    I’m actually using a sim card and i REALLY need to unlock my phone. It’s crucial. However, the code generated doesn’t seem ot work. HELP

  31. chinko says:

    i have forgotten my n95 lock code.
    plz help me out to use my phone, ,.

  32. Anil P. says:

    @ Mehul:

    It’s very simple. Type: *#06# into your cell phone and get the IMEI number. Then head to the website I’ve linked to in the post above and enter the IMEI. You should get 4 or 5 unlock codes you can try to bypass and change the security password.

    This won’t work for SIM card lockouts though.

  33. jamie says:

    hey there i’ve got the x 3 and i did forget the code but!!! you can’t put in the code anywhere cuz you can’t type the * key when in the password stage!! ??? anything else

  34. yayah kamara says:

    i forgot my security code of my nokia 1203,kindly advice me how can i recover it.

  35. chamika says:

    i forget my password.
    Plese help me
    phone model nokia 6120 classic
    IMEI (351983/04/882620/20567116)

  36. gul says:

    Hi, my phone doesn’t dial *#06#, neither that, nor it accepts the master code … What should i do now??? plz help…

  37. Mohsin says:

    i have nokia x3-02 and i forget the security code and my imei:355963041255902

  38. chis says:

    Imei- 352941021293849

  39. Wanda says:

    Hey, I forgot my security code and I’ve tried the method above but still doesn’t wanna work. What more can I try?

  40. AMAN says:


  41. slow says:

    i forget my nokia 5200 security password,so i need help please.

  42. Nicko says:

    Sup…i forgot my unlock code for my nokia 1200 phone,when insertin a sim card,the phone asks me to enter it…please help me crack it or recover it? And how.?

  43. Mehul says:

    I have forgot my Nokia 2626 password.Can u help me to reset it or recover it?

  44. iChonk says:

    hey I have nokia 5800. is there someone knows how to restore to the factory settings?? Anyway I’ve lost my phone code… please…

  45. Xolile says:

    Pease Help me to unlock security code for nokia 1110i

  46. heidi jo says:

    hi i forgot my security code for my nokia x3 . The IME is 352691/04/149195/2 and i do not know what to do.every time i put in my sim card it asks for the code i tried what you wrote above but maybe im doing it wrong

  47. reena says:

    my nokia model 2600c-2,,,,,, forget pwd…..imei no,355702023322797,,plz give me security code…..