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December 1, 2009 by Anil Polat  

children in cambodian schoolHelp the independent non-profit organization American Assistance for Cambodia (AAfC) reach their goal of raising $13,000 to build a school in rural Cambodia. Myself and many other travel bloggers have all pitched in and donated a number of prizes which you’ll be entered to win for each $10 donation you make.

What Is Passports With A Purpose?

The group organizing and coordinating the efforts to raise money for the American Assistance for Cambodia. They gotten together a lot of sponsors and bloggers who’ve donated some great prizes.

Where Does The Money Go?

$10,000 of the total $13,000 will go towards the construction of the school and the other $3,000 goes to the school’s account to help with monitoring, maintenance, and overhead. You can read more about the AAfC’s efforts and the Rural School Project to find out more.

passports with a purpose

How You Can Help (and Enter To Win Some Great Prizes)

It’s very easy to donate and for every $10 you do you’ll be entered to win one of the prizes you select. So, for example, if you donate $30, you can chose to enter once for 3 prizes or 3 times for the same prize. You’ve got until December 21rst to enter so do it now before you forget.

  1. Go to the donation page.
  2. Pick the prizes you want to win, and enter the donation amount accordingly.
  3. That’s it!
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$10 is a small amount to give and if you can’t give that much get in touch with me and I’ll help you earn it somehow. Also, from now until December 11th if you purchase a copy of my eBook, Overcoming the 7 Obstacles to Traveling the World I’ll donate 100% of the earnings to Passports With A Purpose. On top of that if I’ll add $2 and enter you to win a prize.

exilim ex s5 digital camerafoXnoMad’s Prize: Casio Exilim Digital Camera

I’m putting up a Casio Exilim EX-S5 digital camera (a value for $100) as my contribution to this year’s efforts. The Casio Exilim is the one I carry with me everywhere. It’s extremely small, durable, and has an impressive feature set for a camera its size. On top of that it’s only one of the prizes you can enter to win.

How To Contribute

I hope that you’ll take a few moments and take a look at the prizes and consider making a donation. Thank you!

[photo by: snowlet]

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  1. Excellent prize – the prizes get better each year, next year there’s no doubt be a trip to Space up for grabs. That’s a neat little camera to keep with you when you want something small and easy to use.

    The prize I’m offering is a Flip Video Camera

    • Anil P. says:

      Thanks Heather, very reliable cameras, I love the Exilim. The Flip Video camera you’ve got also looks great and if you’re recommending it I’m sure it’s a great piece of video equipment.

      Participating and watching Passports with a Purpose be such a success has been wonderful.

  2. Donna Hull says:

    The Casio digital camera is a great prize for Passports With Purpose. Just think, you might win by a simple $10 donation but the kids in rural Cambodia are the real winners.

    • Anil P. says:

      It’s a really great effort all around by everyone involved (including you!) So glad I was able to be a part of Passports with a Purpose this year.