How To Travel With Two Passports If You’re A Dual Citizen

dual citizenship

Having two passports and nationalities opens up the world of travel to the estimated 1% of the globe’s population [PDF] – over 60 million people – that have some form of dual citizenship. That combination means dealing with fewer visas for countries around the world but can also leave you with complications if you’re not careful.

For those of you who are also dual citizens, these general guidelines can make sure neither of your nationalities causes problems for you as you hop over one international boundary after another.

porto portugal airportAlways Use The Same Passport Entering And Exiting A Country

This one seems straightforward but if you’re on a longer journey and visiting several countries with differing entry requirements for your particular nationalities, it can feel intuitive to to enter with one passport and exit with the other. I’ve made this mistake once or twice (most recently when flying out of Georgia to Ukraine) and had to charm my way out of buying an impromptu flight to Istanbul.

The reason is because countries want to keep track of foreigners entering their borders; using two passports not only makes that more difficult, but also changes the legal framework you fall under.

In general, even if the next country you are visiting would require a visa from you with passport #2, use the same passport to enter and exit a nation. The passport control officer in the country you’re leaving doesn’t care about where you’re going – only about you when you’re in their borders.

Airlines And Governments Are Different; Flash The Right Passport

The advice above is specifically for passport control – not when you check-in with the airlines. They are the ones who are going to care about whether you’ve got the rights (e.g. visa-free travel) to enter the destination. In these cases you should show airline staff the appropriate passport for where you’re going. The airline staff want to make sure you’ll be allowed entry to the country you’re flying to.

Several times prior to boarding a flight I’ve been taken aside by staff to have my documents re-examined. If there’s any question about whether you can (visa-free) enter the country you’re headed to, don’t hesitate to let them know about your dual status.

neon sign las vegasDon’t Advertise Your Dual Nationality Otherwise

Yes, says the guy who is publicly blogging about dual citizenships to thousands of people right now. Broadly speaking, most governments worry about illegal immigration; which your second citizenship may actually be guilty of. Don’t tell passport control you’ve got two nationalities – even if asked. Doing so can forfeit your rights as a legal traveler. By the way, you’re not lying in this case either. No country in the world records dual citizen entries by tourists – they only see you as a single national.

I should mention also that many immigration and passport controls are tinged with a hint of racism, often biased against citizens of Third World or those who make up a significant minority in a given country. Another good reason not to mention your second citizenship and to keep your second passport inconspicuously stored in your carry-on luggage.

Which Country Sends Commandos After You In Case Of Kidnapping Varies

That is a bit of an extreme example for most people, but the basic premise is if you get in real trouble in a country, whichever passport you used to enter is the nation that’s going to bail you out. So if you’re a French-American dual citizen held hostage by genetically-engineered llamas on your trip to Ecuador you’ll know whether to expect Navy Seals or French Special Forces. (Or Superman, who doesn’t discriminate unless Lois Lane is in trouble at the same time.)

llama ecuador

What To Do If Problems Arise

Problems aren’t likely to happen if you’re a dual citizen taking advantage of your two passports – especially if you’re cognizant about not flashing both around. Your biggest troubles are likely to be at passport control due to a second nationality – remember to stick to the one that gets you legal entry. Be firm but confident and if all else fails, get in touch with your embassy.

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  1. iris says:

    hi thank u for the article.. was wondering if u can clarify some things for me.. i have a dual citizenship in canada & philippines and will be travelling to 5 asian countries.. i know that to depart / return canada i should use my canadian passport.. in between the trip can i use my philippine passport to avoid having to apply for a visa to vietnam / cambodia? if yes, do i get in trouble with immigration when returning to canada? thanks for your answer in advance

    • Anil P. says:

      in between the trip can i use my philippine passport to avoid having to apply for a visa to vietnam / cambodia? >> yes

      if yes, do i get in trouble with immigration when returning to canada? >> probably not but check the conditions of traveling internationally with the department that handles passports.

      Last thing, check with all of the country-embassies you’ll be visiting online to confirm – don’t just take my word for it.

  2. FreeTo says:

    I apologize up front if this has been answered already and I just didn’t “get it”. :-)

    I have dual citizenship/passports for UK & Canada. I will be travelling to Dublin, Ireland, and spending my time there and then, via land transport, in Norther Ireland (N.I. is part of the UK, whereas Dublin, Ireland is not). Only one return trip ticket (Canada to Dublin) is being purchased. The airline wants passport info up front. Which passport info should I provide? Once the outbound flight is active, I cannot change the information online, so whichever info provided would apply to the return trip (Dublin to Canada) as well as the outward bound (Canada to Dublin) trip. That’s the confusing part, the purpose of the passport info for the airline means they have ONE set of info. Is it then appropriate to provide the airline with Canadian passport info, then leave Canada with Canada passort, then enter Dublin with UK passport. If so, then do I leave Dublin showing UK passport, but enter Canada via Canadian passport. Do I have this right?

    • Anil P. says:

      Is it then appropriate to provide the airline with Canadian passport info, then leave Canada with Canada passort, then enter Dublin with UK passport. If so, then do I leave Dublin showing UK passport, but enter Canada via Canadian passport. Do I have this right? >> yes.

  3. freeto says:

    Thank you. Turns out I have to use my UK passport anyway, as a Cdn passport only lets me stay 90 days in the Republic of Ireland. Uk is no limit.

  4. Lana says:

    Thank you for the article.
    My question is:
    two passports: US/RUS. going to Moscow form US, stopping in UK for few days. I understand from your article to enter and leave the country on same passport. yes. I would enter UK on US passport and should leave with it also. My tickets to Moscow should be on Russian passport, ok. My Russian passport in on my maiden name. Therefore, different last name. So, when I leave UK for Moscow, I am showing my US passport and Russian ticket with different last name? or how does it work in this situation. I would appreciate any help. thank you

    • Anil P. says:

      When you leave the UK immigration you show them the US passport – show the airline at check-in the Russian one. Typically maiden name changes are overlooked however it may be an issue in your case. Do you have time to get the passport updated? At the very least bring a copy of your marriage certificate.

      • Lana says:

        Thank you. Would you recommend to buy a ticket on a married last name then?

        • Anil P. says:

          Either way there would be a discrepancy in the names no? Any time to visit or send your passport for an update at the Russian embassy?

          • Lana says:

            Russian Embassy doesn’t do it changes have to be done within Russia only. It is a Very big hassle and takes along time.
            But thank you

            • Rita says:

              Lena, did you have a chance to travel yet? I am with the same issue. Last name on my Russian passport is totally different from my US passport Last name. I did not change my name due to the marriage, but due to the US Naturalization process. I would like to travel to Russia, but not sure how. Went to the Russian consulate in NYC, but they do not know what to do if my last name was changed not due to the marriage. I called Travel agent she suggested to purchase a ticket using both names with a comma, but I am afraid I may have an issue at the immigration check for doing that. Let me know what was your experience. Thanks

  5. Natalie says:

    I had problems on both times I tried to leave Turkey in the last year. One trip was to Meis and the other to the UK. It involved an old British passport, a new British passport, lack of residency visas (because they took them off me when I got my citizenship) and a kimlik.

    Both times, they said the kimlik was no good because I was not leaving on a Turkish passport but I had to show how I had been living legally in the country and that was the only proof. On both occasions, they tried to piece the time line from the last entry stamp in the old British passport which was about eight years ago, to present day!!

    They both gave up in the end but I have learned to arrive super early if I try to leave the country.

    I am assuming you enter and leave Turkey on your American passport?

    • Anil P. says:

      I wonder if that’s because of the British passport, residency, and the ignorance of whomever was checking your passport!

      No, I always enter and leave Turkey with my Turkish passport. (And if from Istanbul pay that stupid 15TL exit fee.)

    • flybynights says:

      I will be exiting Thailand on my American passport and want to get into KL Malaysia on my German passport.

      Would this be possible if my German passport is empty and has never been used?

      Hold would I need to do this?

      Can I do this also by border crossing, or do I need to fly.

      Please help

      • Anil P. says:

        Why switch passports if you don’t have to? As far as your German passport being empty, you can tell them you hold dual citizenship if you like or use your German passport for entry to Thailand and into Malaysia. I wouldn’t recommend switching if you don’t have to.

        • flybynights says:

          It’s because I have to get a Non B visa in my German pp because of a work requirement.

          How can I make this work departing out of Thailand?

          • Anil P. says:

            Why didn’t you then enter with your German passport, obtaining the visa first? (Read the first bullet point of this post.) I’m not sure in your case, I would contact the German embassy in Thailand to see if they can be of assistance.

  6. goce says:

    i hav bulgarian and macedonian pasport how tu travel in australia i live in itali

  7. marc says:

    Does anyone know, can I keep entering and leaving Shengan territory every 90 days and switching passports so I can stay indefinetly, or would they catch on to that? Thanks.

  8. Brian.S. says:

    Hi again,
    Do you know how a countries immigration looks at visas from 2 passports? Is the period of stay calculated by the visas in both passports or is it based on the person i.e. combination of 2 passports. I am specifically asking in regard to Japan.
    PS. I wrote another post but do not see it here but you sort of answered it in other replies regarding getting more visa time using a 2nd passport.

    • Anil P. says:

      It really depends. Typically though they are separate, however in your case it’s likely to cause you problems.

      • Brian.S says:

        Thank you for your reply. I have another question you might be able to help. My japanese partner and I are now thinking of getting married in Japan. Would you know if any problem getting married showing my Australian passport which does not have visitors visa, and then applying for Spouse visa using my Irish passport? It’s in my Irish passport I have the visa to change to Souse visa.

        • Anil P. says:

          I’m afraid I can’t be of much help there, best talk to an immigration or related lawyer to find out for sure. Best of luck.

        • louie says:

          I would go for Aussie passport and start totally new application.
          As I understand from your post,your irish passport is messed up.
          good luck

  9. Brian.S. says:

    A couple of other posts asked you similar questions but thought would ask again with regard to Japan which you may know have different rules. I have 2 passports…Australian and Irish, and I have been staying in Japan on my Irish passport …this gives me 6 months stay. I went to extend my visa and was rejected because I have been staying here too long. I have entered Japan 3 times in past year using tourist visa.
    Now I have to leave. My question is if I re-enter using my Australian passport will they know that I have already used up my stay time on my Irish passport? Here in Japan they finger print everyone entering so I am worried they will cross reference that. Thanks.

  10. gab says:

    hello hello i live in australia and have a residency here with my french passport…i want to go to india and need to make a 6 months indian visa on my israeli passport cause the french passport is going to expire in 8 months so i prefer to travel with my israeli….so do i need to leave australia with the french one but let them know about the israeli?? and then when i get to india i just show the israeli with the visa??

    and do you think the indian embassy in australia would mind to make a visa to india on my israeli passport if i am staying in australia on my french???

  11. Brunette says:


    This is such a great blog and clearly has helped ppl! Please can you impart your passport knowledge onto me:)

    I am a South African citizen living in the UK on an EU (Cypriot) passport – i am going to Thailand in December for a holiday and am not sure if I require a visa – as a Cypriot citizen I require a Thai visa but as a South African I don’t. Can I leave the UK on my South African passport and enter Thailand on my South African? and then come back on my EU passport?

    Im terrified i get into some form of trouble along the way! Happy to get the visa if need be but just trying to work out whats possible.


    • Anil P. says:

      Thanks very much and I’ll do my best.

      You can but you need to follow the formula above. Check in EU passport at airport, SA passport on entry, then reverse on the way back if that makes sense.

  12. Maher says:

    Hello there,

    You’ve got a great post there.

    I was wondering, If you have dual citizenship and you’re traveling with two passports while visiting two countries, each with a different passport, wouldn’t you in fact need to stamp both passports with an exit stamp when exiting your country of origin? And is that allowed? While entering the second country you’re visiting, won’t they ask you where you’re coming from? ans subsequently would wanna see the appropriate exit stamp?

  13. gab says:

    hi, I have dual citizenship israeli and french and want to fly from australia to bangkok but the flight goes through malaysia with a 3 hour stop-over. Does anyone know if its possible to stop-over on my french passport? even though i’m born in israel and the passport was issued in israel? could there be a problem in the transit? do i need to go through immigration to transit?
    any experience in this situation could be helpful…thankyou

  14. JAMEK says:

    Hey man, you have a nice post over here.

    I recently acquired US citizenship and I’m also an Uzbek citizen. I only have one passport, an American but not Uzbek. Can I go to Uzbekistan, get the Uzbek passport and exit Uzbekistan using my Uzbek passport to Ukraine/Russia (which allow Uzbek citizens to enter without a visa) and flee to the US using my American passport from Ukraine/Russia?

    Thanks in advance

    • Anil P. says:

      You can try picking up your Uzbek passport from the embassy in the US, that might be easier. Call them to find out the options in your case.

      • JAMEK says:

        I cant get my uzbek passport from the embassy, the only thing i can get is the certificate of return to go back to uzbekistan in order to get my uzbek passport. Beyond that point, i want to exit uzbekistan via ukraine, by buying two separate tickets; uzb to ukr and ukr to usa. but im worried about leaving uzbekistan since i’ll have a brand new passport; i mean arent they going to question me about my passport being so new or whatever?

      • JAMEK says:

        I cant get my uzbek passport from the embassy, the only thing i can get is the certificate of return to go back to uzbekistan in order to get my uzbek passport. Beyond that point, will i have problems because i have a new passport?

  15. Jenny says:


    I’ve been reading a million forums with great interest (and much stress). If someone could help me with my situation.
    I have an EU passport and Australian passport.
    I’m in Argentina. I left AUS with my AUS passport…and when I entered Argentina with my EU passport (as EU nationals don’t pay the tourist entry fee). No problem.
    What is interesting is this:
    My flight ticket was issued with my name as appears on my AUS passport.
    My EU passport has a somewhat different name, as it is in accordance with my EU birth/baptist name (long story).
    When I entered Argentina, they did not question this. Perhaps I did not show the boarding pass, I assume at this point? I can’t remember..

    The problem is:
    I just booked an online ticket from Argentina to Brazil. I will be exiting Argentina the same way I came: on my EU passport, and entering Brazil on my EU passport (again, no visa requirements with EU passport to enter Brazil).
    BUT….I realised my name on the e-ticket matches my Australian passport, not my EU passport!!!! Aaaaaaaah.
    ALSO…I have to pay an overstay tourist visa fine (from my EU passport).

    What do I do?
    Can I check-in with my AUS passport (which has no stamps or record of me entering Argentina).. and then go through passport control with EU passport?
    Do they check names matching with boarding pass/passport at passport control?

    Or do I pay the massive fine for a name change for my e-ticket and have it all match my EU passport and travel with that.

    I am so stressed and confused.
    I’d appreciate someone’s help.
    The staff at Emirates in Buenos Aires are not the most helpful bunch.


  16. Ryder says:

    Hello Anil P,

    Thank you very much for the great information.

    If I may I just have a few questions you might be able to help with.

    My Son is a dual national “Russian and Australian” and we’re leaving Russia for Australia shortly.

    As far as I know, we should Exit Russia using his Russian passport but tell the airline and border officers he is a Dual National so they can see he doesn’t require a Visa to enter Australia. Does this sound correct?

    We will be going through Abu Dhabi in UAE, so Question is which passport should we show
    when entering the UAE? his Russian one or Australian one?

    I’ve called both Russia and Australia and they just say, you should exit and enter the country you’re a citizen of with that passport. But i’m confused about the rest! :(

    Any information you could advise would be greatly appreciated.

    • Anil P. says:

      As far as I know, we should Exit Russia using his Russian passport but tell the airline and border officers (border control won’t care about Australia visa, don’t mention the dual unless asked) he is a Dual National so they can see he doesn’t require a Visa to enter Australia. Does this sound correct? > yes

      We will be going through Abu Dhabi in UAE, so Question is which passport should we show
      when entering the UAE? his Russian one or Australian one? > you won’t have to show a passport if it’s just a connection. if not, you’ll have to use a single passport for the entire trip. (and get applicable visas.)

      Hope this helps!

      • Ryder says:

        Thanks very much, I called the Airline “Etihad” to explain the situation and they said the same thing pretty much.

        They will ask where the visa is and we should just tell them he is a dual national.

        Other than that there should be no other issues.

        Thanks again Anil, much appreciated.

  17. kelty clark says:

    hey guys=) i need help im dual im pilipino and canadian i have two passports an i dont know what to use for going back to phil=( its my 1st time so i dont know how=(

  18. Daisy says:

    Hi, thanks for the great site!

    I am going to enter India with Israeli passport and after the 6 months visa is expired- i am not allowed to issue another one in a period of 2 months. I was wondering if i can just go out with Israeli passport and obtain another Indian visa in my second (Russian) passport and enter India again. Do you think it’s legal?:)
    thank you!

  19. Lee says:

    Hey there,

    Hoping you could answer my question!

    I have dual nationality between NZ and the US. I am currently living in the UK and have sent my NZ passport away to the UK border agency in order to extend my stay here in the UK.

    However, I need to get home briefly for my brother’s shot-gun wedding in two weeks. My NZ passport will still be the border agency for sometime. Can I leave the UK on my US passport even though I did not enter on it? I know I will have no problem getting into the US, it is just weather I will have trouble leaving and coming back into the UK on my US passport. I have a letter from the Border Agency about them having my NZ passport. Will that help at all? Any info would be VERY appreciated as I need to by a ticket ASAP.


    • Anil P. says:

      If you’re over on what the limit is for a US passport, it will likely cause you problems. The letter won’t help as you can’t ‘blend’ your nationalities, it’s either or when it comes to passport control.

  20. kat says:

    Hi. I have dual citizenship US and Greek. I am currently studying in the UK with my Greek passport (so I wont need a Visa). I will be going back to the US for vacation and not sure which passport to use. In addition, my name on the Greek passport differs from the one on the US passport; so under which name do I book my tickets and how do I enter and leave the UK?

    • Anil P. says:

      Use the US to go to US, but show Greek at passport control on the way out. How does your name vary? If it’s just middle/first name reversed, it’s almost never a problem.

      • kat says:

        Shouldn’t I always enter and leave the US with my US passport? I don’t have a middle name; my first name however in English is katherine and in Greek it begins with an A. Also in my last name, in Greek, it lacks an S at the end. I wouldnt be worried, except for the fact that my name is different in both passports.

        • Anil P. says:

          Yes, enter the US with the US passport; and show the Greek passport at UK passport control if you’ve been in that country for more than 6 months (US visa allowance).

  21. Ivan says:

    Is it possible to travel to Brazil from U.S with a Russian passport(brazil doesnt require VISA) and come back with my American passport(Brazil requires visa)?

    The problem is that if I am going back to US but visa is absent, can cause suspicion no?

  22. Sean says:

    hello there, was wondering if you can help me. I have dual citizenship, Britain and Canada. I have already been in Australia on a working holiday visa on my British passport, that has now expired and i have a new Canadian passport. Can i get the same visa for Australia with a different passport?? (i left Australia Sept. 2011 and have been in Canada since) or is that slightly…against the law????

    • Anil P. says:

      You can but why would you want to?

      • Sean says:

        well my girlfriend is Australian we want to go back for some more travelling, but if i used my British passport again, i’d have to get her to sponser me, and that visa costs $2000, whereas a working holiday visa costs $200. so it isnt illegal then?? i know you say in the article they might not be happy about it, but screw them if it isnt against the law!
        thanks dude!

  23. Nay5 says:

    I have made a mistake. I am a dual citizen between Canada and Netherlands. I have come to Netherlands to study for a year and accidentally showed my Canadian passport when entering Holland. I am staying here for a year at least. Even though as a Dutch citizen I am legal to be in the country, am I going to have problems? As well if I leave Holland for another country (as I am planning on attending a conference in India) can I use my Dutch passport for this trip as then I am entering Holland on one passport and leaving on a different one.
    Thank you.

    • Anil P. says:

      Yes – you can just use your Dutch passport – but you may have problems using your Canadian passport in the Schengen now. Only use the Dutch one in Europe.

  24. AA says:

    I have a brazilian and Lebanese passports. I currently live in the United States with the student Visa in my Lebanese passport. But, in order for me to get through to brazil I need to use my brazilian passport.
    Should I just leave the United States with a lebanese passport and then when I get to brazil I show them my brazilian passport, and then on my way out of brazil i show them brazilian passport, and then back into the United states with my Lebanese passport?
    Sorry this so confusing. I’d appreciate any help.


  25. Andy T says:

    Thanks for the great blog.

    Didn’t see it covered above but was hoping you could clarify a situation for me. My wife and I are going from the US to Australia via stopover in China in both directions. She has US/Australian citizenship. Last time she flew to Australia on her US passport and was given a lot of grief for not using her Aussie passport (it had expired at the time). I know she should normally enter Australia on the Aussie passport and exit same, but how does flying through China BOTH ways complicate things?

    She has to fly on her US passport to China from the US (couldn’t arrange Australian Visa to China from USA). She has a dual entry visa already secured for China on US Passport. I assume exit China on US passport but show Australia passport to airline? Then enter/exit customs in Australia on Aussie passport, showing US passport to airline bound for China on return? Then enter/exit China on US passport? Just wasn’t sure how China would handle this since she’s passing through twice, on different passports potentially.

    Thought we’d simplify it and just do all on the US passport, as Australian visa is only $20, but when registering online it asks if she has dual citizenship and wasn’t sure if we should answer? Not sure if they’d care if she arrives on US passport while she has Australian citizenship, as they didn’t care for it previously.

    Any advice you can impart would be appreciated.

  26. sung says:

    Awesome blog! Hope you can help me out, do you know if US recognize Dual Citizenship? And, if I return without an exit stamp on the US passport, will they ask me a lot of questions? In the past, they’ve always asked me a lot of questions, even when I have all the proper stamps. Would really like to go through Customs without a hitch. Also, do you know if the RFID in the passport can keep a record of a person’s destination (entering & exiting)?
    Thank you very much!

  27. sas says:

    Hi there,

    I am a Lebanese national living and working in the UK, and I have a working permit/visa attached to my Lebanese passport.
    I recently acquired a Brazilian passport (because my gran is Brazilian) which is amazing because it allows visa-free travels to Europe and other countries, whereas the Lebanese passport is very restrictive.

    I have read the posts and found them very useful HOWEVER i am still confused about justifying myself at border control without having to use both passports.

    Suppose I want to go to Paris for a weekend (so going from the UK to France). According to your post, I should check in with the airline with my Brazilian passport, but exit the UK with my Lebanese passport (which they will not stamp upon exit), and then enter France with my Brazilian passport which is completely empty! If I am asked at border control where i am visiting from, tell them it’s the UK, and then am asked why there is no proof on my Brazilian passport of any entry/exit to the UK, what am I supposed to do then??

    And again, upon exiting France, according to your posts, i should check in with my lebanese passport (which carries my UK visa), exit france with my brazilian passport and enter the UK with my lebanese passport. From experience, border control asks all sorts of questions, such as where are you coming from, how long have you been out the country, why, etc…? When i enter the country with my lebanese passport which carries no entry/exit stamps from France, what am i supposed to say??

    This is really stressing me out, and taking the fun out of having dual nationality to be honest! I really appreciate any help/advice you can give me.


    • Anil P. says:

      You can tell them you just got a new passport from the consulate/embassy in the UK. You also need to check what the UK rules are for your visa (in terms of dual citizenship). Call the visa office to find out what the specifics are since it’s a bit different than just travel visas. Let me know if you have any other questions, good luck!

  28. Silvia Consolini says:

    This a great blog.
    I have Italian and Venezuelan passport, I’m used to shuffle them around. This time I will try:

    1- Enter Thailand with my Italian passport.
    2- I will then give up my Italian passport to the Indian Visa Office to get an Indian Visa on it. This might take 10 days.
    3- In the mean time I wanted to visit Laos with my Venezuelan passport which won’t have the Thai entry stamp on it. Venezuelan passport doesn’t need a pre-issued VISA so I can get it at the port of entry in Laos.
    4- I will re-enter Thailand from Laos with my Venezuelan passport and pick up my Italian one before flying off to Mumbai.

    SO, maybe I have a couple of options:
    – Getting entry stamps on both passports: never done it and probably not advisable to even ask for that.
    – Leave Thailand with a non-stamped Venezuelan passport and show photocopies of the Thai entry stamp in the Italian passport?

    I know none of these sound too wise or feasible, I was just wondering if anybody had experience with this…


    • Anil P. says:

      Thanks Silvia. As for your questions, honestly, it’s best to wait before going into Laos for your Italian passport. That might make re-entry smoother for you.

      (Also they won’t give you entry stamps on both passports.)

  29. RK says:

    Hi, I have two passports: a Bulgarian one and a Spanish one. My name is Bulgarian.
    Last time I entered and exited Turkey, I used the Spanish one, as I had the visas for the countries I was visiting after Turkey in this passport and traveled with a Spanish-registered car.
    Now I plan to go to Turkey again, but using the Bulgarian one, as I don’t need to buy a sticker visa (15 euros) and will travel with a Bulgarian-registered car.

    (Traveling with the same passport as your car’ country registration makes things at borders much easier).

    Will there be problems when trying to enter Turkey with my Bulgarian passport, because I entered last time with my Spanish one?

  30. david says:


  31. david says:

    FURTHER to my previous mail allow me to make my question more clear.OBJETIVE is to use a ticekt MR XYX WHO does not wih to go back soon So another MR XYZ use to go back instead preventing the wasted ticket

    hoping it is clear .ie transfer the ticke to another bearing the same name with initials.

    • Mike K says:

      I have dual passports, US and Irish. I visit England every year for a few weeks and meet with my family members (sisters/brothers). In the past, I have always used my US passport when entering and exiting England. While in England, I often visit Ireland for a few days but don’t use my Irish passport when traveling between England & Ireland. Can I legally use my Irish passport when traveling between countries? I was born in England and also have a British passport which expired many years ago and I never renewed it. I appreciate your comments!

  32. Peter says:

    Hi there, very informative blog. I have both Canadian and New Zealand passports. I intend to spend some time in the US, as much as possible actually without applying for a work permit. As a canadian I can spent six months in the US (per year) and as a New Zealander I can spend three 3 months there without a work visa. If I were to go on two separate trips, one on each passport, spending a total of 9 months in the US within a year, would the authorities deem this suspicious and would I risk being denied entry to America?

    Thank you, look forward to your response.