The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2013: Championship

March 26, 2013 by Anil Polat  

best city 2013 championship

Not many people gave Granada a fighting chance against Bucharest in the Final Four of The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament last week. Yet the Spanish supporters worked hard to put up 4,135 votes – but it wasn’t enough as Bucharest won with 903 more votes on the back of a solid social media campaign, even recruiting a Romanian pop star to the cause. So, for the first time in Best City Tournament history, the finalists are from the same country. Sibiu versus Bucharest may split hearts and minds when in one week we’ll have The Best City To Visit in 2013. I’ll be visiting Romania this year and your votes will decide which city I end up in.

Voting in the Championship will be open until 12:00pm US EST next Monday, April 1st. Those of you reading through email and RSS will have to click-through to this page to vote. FINAL RESULTS won’t be announced until Tuesday, April 2nd.

The Best City Visit To Travel Tournament 2013 Final Four brackets.

best travel tablets 2013 championship

All that’s left of the original cities nominated in this year’s tournament.

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The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2015: Final Four

Please keep in mind the final votes for any poll aren’t final until they’re verified by my diligent verification team. I’ll announce the final results and new Best City to Visit next Tuesday, April 2nd. Good luck to both Romanian cities!

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  1. charly says:

    florence and paris lost to sibiu???!!! rome lost to bucharest?? i might be “a bit” biased, but that’s ridicolous

  2. Julia says:

    Love how countries really get behind this competition. This year has been a really good advert for Romania and fans of Romania – and now we have yet another city (that I had never heard of till now) to add to the must-see list. Think the wanderer is losing badly. 😉

    • Adrian says:

      Thank you, Julia. That was our purpose to begin with – to let the people from outside the borders of Romania know a bit more about the good things that can be found here: warm people, good food, lovely places, great culture and unique traditions.
      And thanks to the opportunity provided by this tournament, I believe we have succeeded already, no matter which of the two cities will win.

  3. Ariel says:

    I’m a bit ashamed on one hand that my fellow nationals bullied the vote and managed to get both cities in the final. On the other hand Romanians proved again they can join their efforts for doing something good in contrast with mostly bad press events that catches the headlines once in a while in EU media.

    I did not vote for either of them before, but today I vote for Sibiu, which is the city closest in culture & heritage to Brasov, city voted by Romanians best city in Romania.

    Good luck in your journey to Romania

    • Anil P. says:

      There is no bullying, and it wasn’t an easy path for Bucharest especially. Sibiu had a very close call (5 votes) in the first round. Every year the competition unfolds in unexpected ways and I have enjoyed watching the Romanian enthusiasm for their country. I look forward to me second trip back there…

  4. Teodora says:

    I am from Sibiu and i also recommend you to come during the Theatre Festival. It’s one of the biggest theatre festivals and it’s amazing, you will like it. 🙂
    Maybe we will organize a meeting with bloggers from Sibiu.
    What do you say?

    • Anil P. says:

      Thanks, I’m seriously considering it as the recommendations are it’s a great time to be in the city. I’d also be happy to do a meet up or two while I’m in town, it would be great to meet all of you in person!

  5. daniela s says:

    I live in Bucharest but I chose Sibiu. I’m so proud to have both in the final. Sibiu desrves to be number 1. Visit Roumania!

  6. Between the two cities I choose Sibiu. It is a very flirtatious city!

  7. Alexandra29 says:

    Hi Anil
    If you are coming this year – and seems you are – in Sibiu/Hermannstadt you must check these (probably some you already did)
    i agree it is best to come during summer when several festivals are on, the most important being the theater festival(june), medieval festival & rock festival Artmania(both in August)
    here is a list of festivals – unfortunately not in English

    Sibiu/Hermannstadt is a half hiden city. you must leave the main tourist paths and go into narrow pasages, along medieval fortification walls and even go up towers and why not pubs set in medieval cellars (Weinkeller,Kulturcafe Sigi,Music Pub,Cafe Wien and many more). you will discover original architecture and art from romanesque to baroque or art nouveau.
    if you want a guide while here feel free to contact me, already got my mail. i’m an expert in local architecture & history(deep passion of mine) P.S. my services are completely free

    • Anil P. says:

      Unless Bucharest experiences a miracle, I think Sibiu is on my travel plans for this year 🙂 Thank you very much for all of the information and resources (plus one more recommendation for the Theater Festival!)

  8. Flaviu says:

    If Sibiu will be the winner you should come in June when the second biggest European Theater Festival takes place.

  9. Cora says:

    The most important museum unit is THE `ASTRA` MUSEUM OF TRADITIONAL FOLK CIVILIZATION – or THE OPEN AIR MUSEUM. Situated in the natural reservation of Dumbrava Sibiului, on the road to Rasinari village and to Paltinis ski resort, 8 kilometers away from the city centre, the Open Air Museum spreads across a 96 ha area of which an area of 40 ha is covered by the permanent exhibition which is the largest open air ethnographic exhibition in Europe.

  10. Adrian says:

    Sibiu IT is The Best

  11. Cristi says:

    Sibiu a place worth visiting…Bucharest a good place for living with an excellent night life 😉
    So my vote goes to Bucharest 😉

  12. Lara says:

    It’s great how Romanians mobilized on web to collect votes, we did a good job, people must find out about Sibiu! And even Bucharest is nice, at least for the night life and 2-3 more touristic objectives. Yes, it’s funny that Rome lost in front of some unknown Romanian cities (in some opinions), but this is a competition of votes, where were the Italians? 😀

  13. alex b says:

    Sibiu rules!

  14. Sorina says:

    At the end… it doesn’t really matter which city will win… looks to me like mandatory to visit both of them 😀 since they are both in Romania – with a huge bonus of passing through Brasov, Sinaia, Bran castle, Sibiu and so on… just take your time, a map and the good will. I’m sure you’ll have a great time and a lot of fun. Wish you all the best.

  15. Silviu Cosma says:

    I’ve been to Sibiu so many times. Sibiu deserves to win the “Best to Visit Travel Tournament 2013”

  16. beheader69 says:

    sibiu, it’s a great place to visit

  17. Anul asta, mutam capitala Ronaniei la Sibiu!!!

  18. Nicole says:

    Sibiu will be the winner of this year :), so happy for this moment.

  19. Sorin says:

    Sibiu….one of my friends, an american that works with me in Qatar was in Sibiu and around Sibiu last year 2012. His words- i didn’t believe that i can find so many beatifull things in this small city-. This year he will go again.I am a romanian born in Sibiu, i travel the world with my job….go, see and believe. Sibiu winner!!!

  20. Lucian says:

    I am so proud that we have a Romanian Final in “Best to Visit Travel Tournament 2013″.
    Let the best city win!!!

  21. LorenaMaddy says:

    Sibiu!!! I’m from Bucharest but i choose Sibiu!!!

  22. Alina says:

    Why not visit both since they are in the same country?

  23. Adrian says:

    So proud that Romania will have a city chosen as the Best City To Visit in 2013!
    My vote goes to Sibiu, obviously, but I’ll be just as happy with either of the two as the winner.
    For those of you who choose to vote for Sibiu, don’t forget to share your vote via Twitter using the hashtag #SibiuForBestCity2013. Thank you!

  24. LiviuM says:

    My vote is for Sibiu.

  25. dan says:

    Imi place Sibiul dar prefer Bucurestiul ! Pentru mine este numarul 1 ! Asa ca voi vota Bucuresti !

  26. Aladin says:

    Sibiu best city in world !