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The Best Comments Of The Month: April 2009

I appreciate every comment, hope you’ll leave more, and encourage you to do so if you never have. In case you don’t get a chance to follow the latest comments at the bottom, or read through a viewer, here are some of the best comments of the month. Cuckoo would like to thank all of you who voted for Sydney and helped her win the Best City to Visit Travel Tournament 2009. Stock your fridge like james to save money and make your meals last on the road. Kim Kinrade shares his hitchhiking advice from his experience in Australia. marina villatoro also has some good hitchhiking stories from her travels in Mexico over at Travel Expert(a). Engage the local culture, save money, and drink vodka while couch surfing in Russia as Priyank did last year. I’m glad Jack pointed out the difference between raping and rapping I made. Opps. Flip the perspective on common shots to add some spice to your travel photos and check out some of jen laceda’s on her blog Folie a Deux. And yes it must be a sign Jen, you should visit Istanbul! Max there is no way you’ll convince any Turkish mother that walking barefoot on cold tiles won’t give you a stomach ache. I know, I’ve tried. But now I tell the same thing to my wife when she’s barefoot in the...

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Common Sense Advice On Handling Most Joint Injuries On Your Own – [Part 1 of 2]

A severe grade II ankle sprain last week, a couple of years of training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and lifetime of being physically active wherever I am, has taught me a thing or two about getting hurt. A few broken noses, fractured ribs, and countless sprains, pulls, to name some. Some of these (broken nose, ribs) I discovered years later since I never went to the doctor for any of them. I’m not reckless, clumsy, or a masochist, but have had to rely on a number of books and my instincts because many times I wasn’t near a reliable doctor or hospital. Traveling can easily put you in a situation where you can’t find, afford, or want the local medical assistance. None of these tips aren’t going to cure all ailments, replace professional medical advice, or be especially surprising for many of you. These general steps in Part 1, and Part 2 Monday, will help you evaluate your injury and get you healing faster and back to traveling – or at least until you can get to a doctor. 1. Evaluate The instant you get hurt and recover from the initial pain, take a moment to listen to your body. Don’t shake a hurting joint or immediately pop up from a fall. Check to make sure no bones are protruding (indicating a break) and slowly determine the range of motion...

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Turkish Remedies For Preventing An Upset Stomach

The Turks are very paranoid about upset stomachs and have a number of natural remedies to prevent them. As I child was given old advice on preventing a bad stomach which (apparently) can cause a wide number of ailments, including bad sperm and headaches – or throw your plans off on a vacation. Only some of these are backed by science, and the others may just be old wives tales but won’t hurt to try especially if you’ve got a sensitive stomach. Keep Your Feet Warm Don’t walk on cold surfaces, tile, or bare floors without putting something on your feet to keep them warm. The standard recommendation is slippers although shoes or socks will do, they are sub par. Apparently cold feet can cause an upset stomach (and bad sperm) so make sure to bundle up on flights as well. I couldn’t find any scientific data to back up this claim, but you’ve got my mom’s word for it. Eat Yogurt Although the jury is out on cold feet and stomach aches there is a lot of evidence to support the health and tummy benefits of yogurt. Eating yogurt regularly replenishes the beneficial bacteria that lives in your stomach and intestines. A good way to stay regular, avoid traveler’s constipation, and reduce the effects of lactose intolerance. Don’t Mix Hot and Cold Food Or Drinks There is some...

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Three Location Based Social Networks Travelers May Find Useful

A friend of mine recently pointed me to some location-based social networks that travelers may find interesting. In case you aren’t familiar with location-based social networks, they are social networks like Facebook or Twitter, updated from your cell phone that integrate your current location and let your friends know where you are. There are some differences between three of the popular options, Loopt, brightkite, and foursquare so here are the basics to introduce you to them. Loopt Loopt works much like many of the other location-based social networks and ties into your cell phone. As you post updates or are logged into the service from your phone, friends and contacts will see where you are on a Google Map. One of the drawbacks of Loopt however is that it only works with “smart” phones like the BlackBerry or iPhone (here are some of the best iPhone hacks for travelers if you’ve got one). Loopt also integrates with your existing Facebook account and you can choose which friends to share your location with. brightkite Similar to Loopt, the advantage of brightkite is that it works on pretty much any cell phone and doesn’t require an application or download. Your experience is limited by the phone you have so you might only be posting status updates on a via text message from a basic Nokia or pictures and video with an...

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What Are Your Best Posts?

I’m looking for you travel bloggers out there to send me links to your best posts and pictures. I’ll be featuring them sometime early next month and I want to fill up the page! Send me a collection of the posts (up to 10 links) you consider to be your best work. I’ll go through them and share all or some of my favorites around May 8th. I appreciated...

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48 Hours In Istanbul

This was first written as a guest post for Hostel Bloggers, who changed the original content. Here is the post  as I wrote it and meant for it to be read. Istanbul is my favorite city in the world for the simple reason that it is endless. The city can be overwhelming for tourists in both variety and complexity. Istanbul is many things to many people and if I had 48 hours in the city, here’s what I’d recommend to get your feet wet, jump in the pool, or become a fish in this city which spans two continents. Get Your Feet Wet The three places that any first trip to Istanbul can’t be without. Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya) – Originally a church constructed around the year 550 A.D., the building was converted into a mosque after the Ottomans conquered the city 900 years later. Aside from the impressive 15 meter main dome, you’ll see paintings from the original churches that are currently being uncovered by researchers. The lines vary, but expect a visit to take from 1-3 hours. The Grand Bazaar (Kapalı Çarşı) – The oldest covered market in the world is an afternoon of adventure in of itself. Every shop is unique with many hidden treasures (you can find Ottoman relics tucked away in corners being sold for nothing if you look hard enough). Brush up on your...

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