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macbook pro

When was the last time you performed a little TLC on your Apple Mac? Every once in a while it’s important to give it some maintenance, in order for it to perform to its best ability. The longer you have owned your laptop, the more it will have deteriorated. You may notice that it starts to slow down, your applications don’t operate as smoothly as they once did, and that it takes longer to load up once you have shut it down.

As this link suggests, there are a number of ways in which you can help look after your Mac and keep it running as smoothly as it was when you bought it. Below we look at four ways to speed up your Mac.

Free Up Your Storage Space 

On a regular occurrence, it is advised that you go through your files and delete the things that you no longer use anymore. Over time your files will build-up, reducing the amount of storage that you have available on your Mac. This can affect the performance and slow down your system, especially when you are nearing your max storage capacity. Either move your files over to a hard drive, store them on a cloud storage device or simply delete them. When trying to decide what to get rid of, sort by file size and go through the largest first.

Clean Up Your Start-Up 

Simply put, the more applications and files that are stored on your desktop, the slower your PC will be when loading up and when using it. Depending on how old your Apple Mac is, these applications and documents can drastically increase over time, resulting in slow speeds. Spend a moment going through these files and deciding which ones you need and the ones that are no longer required. Either delete them or remove them from your desktop.

Update Your Operating System

Over the years, Apple will release new operating systems that will not only improve user experience and speed but also patch any potential security flaws. When released, you should install these instantly for the above reasons and the fact that it can slow your laptop down by not installing. The more you ignore these updates, the more that will be released and the greater risk your laptop will be. Run an update check to see if you are on the latest IOS. It may be that you weren’t aware that an update has been released.

Upgrade Your Hardware 

Unless you bought the most powerful Apple Mac, then chances are you can upgrade some of the hardware. Depending on the software you use, it may be that you need to upgrade your Ram in order to use a certain application. Or maybe your storage is running out and you update to an SSD drive instead of a normal one. You can always check with an Apple expert to see what hardware they recommend you change in order to speed up your Mac.

What recommendations do you have for speeding up your Mac? Which of the four options above would you recommend? Let us know in the comment box below.