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new york city skyline

When you see holiday listings the world over, it usually portrays serene spaces filled with lush greenery or a beach with the setting sun. After all, that is the description of what a holiday is meant to be. It’s intended to be relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing.

Would a hotel stay in a financial district give you this feeling?

The simple answer is yes. Depending on what type of holiday you want, staying in a hotel in a financial district could mean more than just relaxing. It’s a different kind of experience and a different kind of relaxation. It’s also a chance to explore other things, a diverse environment and another way of living.

If you’re thinking of booking a hotel in a country’s financial district, here are ten reasons to motivate you to make that decision:

It’s one of the calmest places during weekends

If you ever want to get a taste of city life sans the hustle and bustle of the working crowd, then staying in the financial district and exploring its avenues and streets during the weekend will give you just that. There’s just something about seeing the city and experiencing its calmness and serenity on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Financial districts are also home to some of the city’s popular spots, allowing you to explore the area without the usual crowd.

There are discounted rates for a variety of things

Some touristy spots within the financial districts usually offer discounted fees to attract crowds during the weekend. If you are visiting with a large group of people or with a family, you can take advantage of these discounts. Business establishments within the area, such as coffee shops and restaurants, also have discounts for visitors, which will make the trip to the city a lot lighter in the pockets.

Explore the eye-catching architecture

Visiting new places and cities means exploring different things that these places offer. When it comes to financial districts, you have the impressive architecture to see. Cities like New York are home to iconic buildings like the New York Stock Exchange and the One World Trade Center. In London, you can visit the Temple of Mithras and The Monuments and The Shard, whereas, in Taiwan, Taipei 101 is located in the financial district of Taipei. These skyscrapers and monuments never fail to mesmerize people and give them a good view of the city from the rooftop or viewing deck.

Surrounded by gardens and parks

Financial districts are often well-planned so that it is accessible, balances human, nature and environmental needs and safeguards green and public spaces. This is why you’d usually see plenty of small pockets of green spaces and parks to provide respite and rest for city dwellers. It also comes with nature-related activities. The backdrop of the city’s skyscrapers against a canopy of green trees makes it an excellent combination for a walking walk.

Plenty of options to choose from

Booking a hotel in a financial district means you have plenty of booking options to choose from. Hotels like The Wayfarer Hotel offer skyline view rooms or views toward Flower Street and even the downtown street view. Depending on where you book your hotel in the financial district, you’re bound to have options of the scenes you want to wake up to.

Different kinds of services, cuisines and options to explore

Staying in a hotel in a financial district also allows you to explore various things that are new to you. Financial districts are home to different banks, companies and international businesses, which usually means a large expatriate community living and working in and around the area. This will also attract a litany of shops, businesses and stores that provide services for each community. It’s a great way to explore cultures and cuisines this way, all in one place.

It’s a shopping haven

Plenty of financial districts also come with many boutiques from famous brands. If you visit Board Street or Brookfield Place in New York, for example, you’d find many renowned clothing designers within walking distance of each other. You can save time simply by walking in and out of these boutiques and then walking back to your hotel.

It’s safe

While no city is crime-free, some are safer than others. Financial districts are usually relatively safe because of their importance as a financial center for the country. There is usually a regular patrol of police and armed services in the area, not to mention the proximity of security and health services such as the police office, hospitals and even the post. You can have a greater peace of mind strolling the area while dining or shopping.

Get a taste of luxury

Financial districts are also home to many luxury boutiques, shops and apartments. If you like people-watching, this is an excellent place to have some coffee while looking out into the street scene and watching people go by, observing the street culture and fashion. Financial districts also have plenty of rooftop bars and events that take place regularly where some of the most famous people can be seen enjoying a drink or two. If you’re thinking of getting a taste of this, then staying in the financial district and exploring the city’s fanciest spots is where you can get this done.

Do something different

Finally, if you live in a small town and you want to know what it’s like to live in a big city, booking a hotel in the financial district can offer you this and more. It gives you a different perspective of life in the fast lane and what it’s like living in a fast-paced environment witah people from all walks of life. Booking a hotel in a financial district is an excellent option for staycations. It’s a fuss-free way of enjoying city life without the problems of living in a city such as high rent.

And there you have it, ten reasons to make that booking at a hotel in a financial district. It’s time to pack your bags and get ready for a whole new experience exploring the city!