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People can travel to various destinations for various reasons, including work or vacations. Today, taking a trip to European countries can be as simple as searching, booking, and flying. However, people might travel for other negative reasons, such as terrorism. For this reason, any country’s authorities need to develop proper measures that help manage movements in and out of the country.

This will help ensure peace and that no one stays in a particular country illegally. For instance, traveling to European countries requires an ETIAS with them. But can the ETIAS application delay your ability to cross the border? This article will provide the information you need to learn about ETIAS.

What is ETIAS?

Also known as the European Travel Information and Authorization System, ETIAS involves a special authorization required before entry into countries within the Schengen Zone. Also, it is a travel authorization for persons who do not require a visa to travel to these European countries, and their motive is tourism or business. ETIAS does not serve people studying or working in an ETIAS country. You can check to know if your country of origin is among the countries whose citizens must apply for ETIAS.

Basically, the European Commission introduced the need for ETIAS in 2016 during the state of the union address. Its objective is to serve as a security measure, thus better-managing persons entering the Schengen Zone states. The European Travel Information and Authorization System typically pre-approved travelers to enter Europe before they actually step there. The system runs a background check for each applicant, ensuring they do not present any security threats to the continent. Also, it will keep track of the visitors as they move throughout this zone to guarantee maximum security.

Do I Require a Visa If I Have the ETIAS?

The need for having a visa while visiting European countries will depend on your country of residence and your purpose of visit to the country. Governments throughout the globe have different visa requirements, which will typically require a lot of paperwork. Consequently, visas can consume a significant amount of money and take up to several weeks before approval.

On the other hand, despite being referred to as an ETIAS visa, this authorization process does not consume as much time as visas do.

What Documents Are Required For ETIAS Application?

The only official document an applicant must submit during their ETIAS application is a valid passport. Nevertheless, you might require specific features such as a machine-readable passport.

The application process will take you around 10 minutes to complete. After filling out various details such as travel details and personal information, your eligibility will be determined in a few minutes. After an applicant is verified and confirmed not to be a security threat, they will receive a notification on the official ETIAS website of approval. On the other hand, if your application is denied for any reason, a manual assessment will be carried out. This could take up to two weeks.

Therefore, preparing your travel documents early is always best to avoid last-minute inconvenience.