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Is there an industry that isn’t being impacted in some way by technology? Technology has made things faster and easier and allowed people to have much more control of their entertainment and leisure time.

One industry that has implemented innovative technology at high speed is the casino industry. They are often at the forefront of experiences and invest in their development and implementations. The casino industry is a high-speed and highly competitive arena – which is great news for those who love to play at online casinos.

Poker players, bingo lovers, slots fanatics, or roulette enthusiasts can play the games they love at any time – but more importantly, they’re going to have a great experience. The most popular casino games can be accessed in seconds, or accessing a poker game with a live dealer are all possible. And with casino providers such as MrQ offering promotions like 40 free spins when £10 is deposited there is no wonder players are heading online to play their favourite casino games.

However, there is still a want and need for physical casino and casino resorts put the player first in everything they do, and to keep up with the growth of the online casino world, they’re using technology.

What type of technology has revolutionized the casino experience?


The hospitality industry is busy, and to lighten the load and make it more efficient, robots have been put into action. One of the biggest features of robots is that they are able to interact with all guests no matter what language they speak. Giving the most personal and comprehensive stay. Robot deliveries have been increasing with big companies like Amazon, and the casino resort industry uses a similar function. Robots can deliver food, drinks, and other things to the right room or table.

Live Gambling

Live gambling is one of the coolest technologies that have impacted the industry. It is the merging of online and physical establishments. Cameras and microphones are set up in the physical location, and players join the table from their remote location. A live dealer will be present, and the game commences. What makes this experience even more interesting is that for big tournaments, people can tune in to watch a live stream. This means that you can join in with players at a prestigious casino resort without needing to be there in person.

Cloud Gaming

The cloud has been used in many applications, and many businesses use the cloud to lighten their data loads. Gamers can now do the same thing. Rather than need to download apps and software, they can access the accounts and games they enjoy via a cloud. Cloud gaming is an invaluable tool for gamers who want to reduce their memory usage and don’t want to download anything to access their games.


Virtual Reality has been a technology that the gaming industry has been toying with for years, and now we are at a point where the development of games to meet the technology of VR is becoming more popular. When it comes to casino games, the VR experience can be very interesting indeed. The immersive experience you get at a casino is available to players currently in their living room. Players can interact with other players, with the staff, and play their favorite games without needing to take their slippers off. One of the downsides of this type of technology is that players will need to invest in a headset and some other hardware to make it work. However – what could be more fun than testing out this type of innovative way to play?

Guest Apps

Almost everyone has used their mobile phone to play a game at some point. Casinos having mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps aren’t new, but they are continually improving and becoming more interesting for the user.

When you stay at a casino resort, you want to have the best experience possible – and that is where the guest applications play a big role. A guest application will help casino resort guests manage their stay in a more personal way. They can take care of restaurant bookings, book time in spas, order drinks, room services, and more. Especially for casino resorts, the ability to check what time live games are on, events, and more is invaluable and creates a more personalized experience for the player.

Facial Recognition

Have you ever been asked for your loyalty card and needed age to find it – or worse, you’ve forgotten it? Well, with casino resorts using facial recognition, they no longer need to ask for your cards at all.

Instead, facial recognition will be able to ensure your account is topped up, anything you have booked or private games are easy to enter – and without a card in sight. Using facial recognition, guests can easily have drinks and food delivered to their seats; gaming machines will recognize the player and offer a personal greeting – and so much more. Facial recognition offers a higher level of safety to the guests and the casino resort staff.

Casino resorts and land-based casinos are implementing technology that offers a personalized in-person experience with the competitive technologies that online casinos use: VR, live gambling, robots, and highly customized guest apps. All of these technological touches, combined with a traditional casino ambiance, offer a powerful and memorable experience. If you’ve never been to a casino resort, and want the inside track on a great place to stay, including top tips, then check out this post: Rio All-Suites Hotel And Casino In Las Vegas, Nevada Review – foXnoMad