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new york city skyline

New York City is full of amazing restaurants, monuments, and national parks. Getting from Washington DC to New York City can make for a fun weekend trip — if done correctly. However, it is difficult to figure out how to travel from Washington DC to New York City. There are many options to get from DC to NYC.

Travel By Bus

BoltBus, Megabus, and DC2NY operate the most popular buses between Washington DC and New York City. Buses depart from Union Station in Washington, DC, and Penn Station in New York City. The trip by bus from Washington, DC to New York City is approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. Buses leave every 30 minutes or so during the day, with fewer choices at night. They stop at Penn Station in New York City and Union Station in DC — although some buses stop in Chinatown as well. Tickets can be purchased online at company websites or through smartphone apps.

Bus tickets from Washington DC to NYC start at $1 when purchased in advance. The more expensive tickets are for buses with reserved seating and for departure times that are more convenient for travelers.

Travel By Train

The Amtrak train is the most popular way to travel from Washington DC to New York City. Trains frequently depart (at least every hour) and take approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes. You can find all trains here on the website of Omio. The train station in Washington, D.C. is located at Union Station, 50 Massachusetts Ave NE, and has a full-service ticketing office. In New York City, the train arrives at Penn Station on 7th Avenue between 31st and 33rd Streets.

Also, visitors can take the MARC commuter train from DC to Baltimore, then change to Amtrak’s Northeast Regional line to New York. The entire trip takes about 4 hours and 45 minutes and costs about $35. In addition, Amtrak’s current Acela Express trains run several times each day between Union Station in D.C. and Penn Station in New York City. The high-speed service stops in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and other large cities along the way.

Why Is Train a Really Good Option?

Train travel is a perfect option for traveling from the nation’s capital to its most populous city because it’s faster and more comfortable than driving by car. It offers lower fares than flying by plane.

The train travel from Washington DC to NY is a far more comfortable option, with plenty of legroom and space to walk around. It’s also often faster. Acela Express (the high-speed train) only takes 3 hours and 20 minutes. It’s also more comfortable than driving, especially without dealing with traffic and directions. Trains are also cheaper than flights.

Travel by Flight

Three airports serve Washington DC and New York City: Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA), Dulles International Airport (IAD), and Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI). All three are located in the DC metropolitan area, with Dulles being the furthest away from downtown DC. DCA is only a few miles outside the city.

There are numerous airlines offering routes between these two popular cities. All flights are non-stop, the trip taking about an hour.

What Must Travelers Take Care of if They Use the Train?

Travelers can check schedules, prices and purchase tickets on Amtrak’s website. Passengers who book early may receive special deals or discounts.​ If you’re using an e-ticketing service like Quik-Trak, confirm reservation before boarding by checking the electronic displays on the platform. Also, check the departure board to avoid boarding the wrong train.

In case of delays or cancellations, information is displayed on electronic boards at stations along the Northeast Corridor line. There is a station attendant who can help with any questions or problems.


While there are many things to do in Washington DC, some sightseers might find that New York City is the more expansive. The more active you are, the more you will enjoy each city. But, to successfully get from one city to the next, there are several ways you can potentially travel from one location to the other. The choice is entirely up to you!