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A romantic getaway is a joyful experience, and one of the loveliest thing couples can do together. However, the first time you go on vacation as a couple or travel together is a big deal, and can be a daunting prospect.

Your first vacation together as a couple is a milestone. It is often when you find out new things about each other, and see each other in new circumstances, outside of your regular, day-to-day routine.

Due to the pressure of making sure that everything goes smoothly, couples can often be extremely nervous about taking this step. Indeed, it might be the first time you spend 24 hours together alone! But a romantic getaway shouldn’t be anything to worry about, and with a few simple tricks and words of advice, planning the perfect couple’s vacation is a breeze.

So whether you are planning to sail off on a cruise over the weekend, jump in the car for a minibreak in a nearby city, or fly off to an exotic destination on a longer trip, here are a few tips on what you need to know to organize your first couple’s romantic getaway.

Let your imagination run wild

The best thing about a couple’s vacation is the chance to dream big, to do something truly exciting, and to explore the outer limits of each other’s tastes and bucket list destinations. While some people might want to start off small, the best way to really guarantee a wonderful getaway is to dive in feet first, and make sure it is a memorable trip! After all, a tiny motel room in the next town over is not going to help matters if something goes wrong, so why not enjoy yourself as much as you can!

Then deal with the practicalities together

Once you’ve set out your big dreams and bucket list ideas, you will (sadly) need to be practical about everything. It is a great idea to do the planning together, as this will prevent misunderstandings or resentment, and help you make sure that everything you choose to do is something that both of you will enjoy. You can, of course, split up tasks and responsibilities, but sharing the organization will help you plan the best vacation possible.

Discuss costs early and openly

Money can be a sticky subject between partners, so it is best to have a frank discussion about it as early as possible. You should plan your spending to suit whichever of you can afford the least (unless the trip is a treat, of course!), make a budget, and stick to it!

Focus on what you both want

As this is a couple’s getaway, it is important that you focus on experiences, sights, and activities that you both want to do. This doesn’t mean that every single thing you do should be a compromise (although give and take is important), but that the entire vacation is evenly balanced between your respective tastes. This might mean spending one day hiking up a mountain in your best outdoor pants, and then another soaking up the sun on a beach all day. Sharing your hobbies is a great part of a successful couple’s trip.

Plan a little alone time

Even on the most romantic adventure, a little alone time is important. This is especially vital if it is your first time away together. While the experience will be great for your relationship, and bonding as a couple is an excellent bonus feature of a couple’s vacation, planning a little time to yourself will be vital to ensuring that you both are in the best of moods, all the way through the trip.


Most importantly, relax and enjoy yourselves! A romantic couple’s getaway is a wonderful experience, so stop worrying and have a great time!