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Time management is a skill everyone needs to improve. Knowing how to schedule your day you will have time not only for work but also for rest, and that’s not only about some activities that can help your body and mind but also about things, like placing bets on the best bookmaker in Canada and watching Netflix series. However, time management is harder than it seems, and to start scheduling, you should use one of these apps.

Focus To-Do

Focus To-Do is a task manager with a timer, the ability to make diagrams, reports, and task lists.

Also, in Focus To-Do you can block apps and notifications that distract from work and studies. The platform is especially useful for those who find it hard to keep track of their deadlines.


Habitica is an app that allows you to set tasks, adopt new habits and manage projects, all in a game format.

Completing tasks, the user receives game currency, which can be spent on improving the character, acquiring pets, skills and armor. The service also has guilds, which include players with high motivation. Group members progress through the RPG story, but if one person decides to be lazy, all guild members take the damage.


XMind is a helpful app, where you can create mind maps. Use mind maps to take notes, distribute tasks, trace relationships between ideas, brainstorm and plan projects.

Focus Plant

A free replacement for the well-known Forest and a cute timer for studying and working with game elements. The service will help get rid of digital addiction, improve concentration. The game goal is to save the desert landscape and grow plants, but to do this, the user will have not to touch the phone for a set period of time.


It’s a habit tracker with a minimalist design. In the app, you can not only set tasks, but also track personal progress. Habitify also has a mood recording feature available. Thanks to it, users can track which events evoke positive emotions and which negative ones, and adjust their lifestyle.


Taskade is a virtual workspace that can replace several applications. Setting tasks, planning with the help of a built-in calendar, creating mind-maps – these are only some of the functions offered by Taskade. Taskade is especially useful for organizing teamwork, for example, in group preparation for exams. Tools such as chat, video call, task distribution, and note-taking collaboration simplify collaboration at a distance.

Remember the Milk

A task planner with an understated design where you can make task lists and set deadlines. There are folders for task distribution and clear labeling of lists.

The user can also make smart lists that are automatically distributed to folders.


Streaks is considered one of the most stylish habit-tracking apps on iOS. The navigation here is intuitive. So, you can display all the necessary widgets on the main menu and not go deep into the service settings.


Daylio is an app where you can keep a personal diary. In addition to the standard options, such as making a list of habits and tasks, Daylio offers a daily mood assessment.


It’s another multifunctional tool for organizing teamwork. The platform helps with organizing projects: you can set tasks and track results. You can also integrate Asana with other popular apps (for example, Zoom and Google Drive) and keep data from several services in one place.