This post was written by Ralph Starks, a blogger and traveler who enjoys exploring the world in the best ways possible.

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Being a blogger is a very fun occupation. You are a self-employed fella, tell your story to the world, and are a part of a huge and friendly community. As with every modern profession, you need various paid and free software to help you get the most topical, interesting, and exciting content.

With the help of bloggers, who are an old hand at this, we gathered ten of the most helpful tools for your video blog that will make your posts even more exciting than now. Let’s get to them, shall we?


Most bloggers use Grammarly because it just works. Even with a free version, you get a great helping app that will give you all the instruments to make your video scripts grammatically perfect. However, we definitely recommend you invest in a Grammarly Premium since it offers many more professional features than a free version. It helps you not only with grammar but writing style, clarity, vocabulary, and many more.

Google Trends

Usually, video bloggers choose what they should write in a script to tell in a video about by themselves. Sometimes though, you can use the help of Google Trends to find out whether the topic you want to tell in the clip is actually relevant. For example, you wouldn’t make a video about Christmas in July, would you? We all understand that it is out of season, and with Christmas in July, it is obvious, but with some other topics, it is not so evident whether the subject is relevant now or not. So here you have Google Trends!

YouTube Analytics

Bloggers use SEO tools like cooks use salt: everywhere. And they are absolutely right about it since you just need help with your videos to perform better on the platform and give you thousands of new views every day.

In YouTube Analytics, you can find and analyze all the effects of using SEO tools and tricks, your audience’s engagement, and dozens of other metrics. It is a crucial tool that shows you your videos’ performance, when people lose interest and stop watching your video, how they respond to them etc. It is free, gives you a lot of relevant information, and is actually helpful, and that’s why we love it!

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner from Google is an excellent tool to gather keywords and implement them into your videos, titles, and descriptions. In Keyword Planner, you gather all the keywords related to your video and implement them carefully into your uploads. If you also have a written blog on WordPress, you can use Keyword Planner together with the Yoast SEO plugin. These two work perfectly together, and you can also use the keywords you have gathered for posts on your blog, and together with videos, it will be a perfect symphony! The visual component of a blog is extremely important, and Keyword Planner will help you to complement your videos with the right keywords.


Vlogging is very trendy right now, and it is possible to create nice vlogs with a compact micro camera, but as for our gear, we personally create most of our visual vloggy-type of content on our web camera. We even once made a time-lapse video on it. Imagine that!

An excellent pair to your web camera is the YouCam software. It helps with beautifying the image, allows you to add emojis, and has tons of filters and effects. Overall it is an excellent program for webcam videos.


Now a word for travel bloggers, people who post incredible videos on their Instagram and YouTube channel using the best travel cameras and their creative spirit, of course.

We recommend VSCO because it is an excellent tool to give your photos and videos the right mood and edit them quickly and easily. You can use different presets, create yours, and the whole work on a photo will take you less than five minutes. It does have a monthly fee you need to pay for using VSCO, but trust us, it is so popular for a reason.

Movavi Video Suite

There are thousands of nice and convenient video editing tools on the internet, and we chose Movavi software because it has many advantages, and we just like it the most.

Movavi Video Suite has everything you may need to create visuals for your blog: video editor, converter, screen recorder, and image editing toolkit. It is not a free video editor, but every program in this pack can be tested during the free trial, and you can discover all the wonderful possibilities of this professional Suite during the trial period.


When you make videos and photos for your video blog, sometimes you need designer templates to create different cute visual content to implement in your uploads. There’s literally no better website for designer presets than Canva!

We especially love Canva for creating thumbnails because of its variety of cool fonts and easy-to-use straightforward interface.


No one can live without additional cloud space anymore. We do have too many files to save them all on one computer, so websites like Dropbox are essential to any blogger.

You can choose a package suitable for you, from free to Premium, and put all your backup files in the cloud storage, and this way, you will have them forever. Of course, Dropbox is not the only cloud storage on the market, but we love it for convenience and reliability.


Sometimes brilliant ideas come to you in the most surprising situations, and using a notepad like Evernote is the best option you have to keep those ideas with you.

Evernote can be used both on your computer or smartphone, and you can leave your notes there in various formats: video, text, audio, etc. Well, how cool is that?

What else do you need?

This is the basic list of tools we find to be mandatory for every video blogger, but, of course, you can add or exclude any of them according to your personal needs. In any case, we hope this list was helpful for you, and you added at least one app to your personal collection. Happy blogging!