This post was written by Ralph Starks, a blogger and traveler who enjoys exploring the world in the best ways possible.

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Top 5 Best Travel Apps for Backpackers

Mobiles have plenty of uses, but one of the best is providing a plethora of information and apps even when in the middle of nowhere. Here are five of the best traveling apps for backpackers.

Currency – to Banish Exchange Rate Worries

Of the things that can change when traveling from one country to another, currency is one of the most important. Obviously, this can affect things even more if you’re still dealing with real world, physical coins and notes, but even if you’re transferring money electronically and paying for goods via apps, you still need to know just what the real cost of locally priced goods is. You don’t want to buy a coffee in Norwegian kroner only to discover the price was thrice what you wanted to spend.

To avoid this annoyance (or even embarrassment if you don’t have sufficient funds), is the app for you. It’s free, and works with both iOS and Android devices. After downloading, users simply need to add relevant currencies and then the desired amount, so you can easily see (for the sake of argument) what 10 euros might get you in the UK, Norway, or Canada. Conversion rates are automatically updated, reducing the user’s work to practically zero, and if you’re in a place with no internet access then the latest figures are stored and used to make calculations (so unless you’re in Bhutan during the next financial crisis, you should be fine).

Another ‘category’ of apps that act similarly are mobile casino apps. Adults over 18 years of age can install these real-money casino apps, make a deposit in any currency (including bitcoin) and with a little luck and proper strategy, can win some fast cash and withdraw the winnings in the most of the common currencies worldwide. It is important to ensure the selected online casino app is among the list of fastest payout casinos because these are platforms that pay very quickly. With online casinos now working seamlessly with mobile phones, it’s never been easier to play when out and about.

Uber – Useful at Home and Abroad

Uber might just be the single best known app on this list, and has given regular taxi drivers some serious competition even in cities famously fond of cabbies (such as London). Because payment occurs electronically there’s less need to be lugging around a stack of physical cash, and the competitive pricing means that foreigners can avoid being taken for a ride (as it were). Despite ongoing pressure from some politicians and taxi firms, Uber has become a household name due to its ease of use and lower costs.

Rome2Rio – for Route Planning

Traveling within your own country isn’t usually too bad, but if you’re going overseas, hopping from one border to another, it can be very tricky. And that’s where the Rome2Rio app comes in, as it was created to help people get from one place to another, even if the start and the destination are in different countries or different continents. Covering hundreds of nations and thousands of transport firms, downloading the app enables travelers to easily find step-by-step instructions, public transport schedules, and book transport so that more time can be spent enjoying other countries rather than worrying about how to get around them.

Google Translate – Quicker than Learning the Lingo

It’s pretty cool to be able to converse with the locals in their own language, although for obvious reasons this isn’t always possible. Even the linguistically adept can’t learn every language in the world, and when you’re in a country that doesn’t speak your mother tongue the Google Translate app is a fantastic alternative. You can use it both to prepare ahead of time (putting phrases/places you know you’ll need and just memorizing them), and if you suddenly find yourself needing a quick translation. It can even do real-time audio and video text translation. No internet connection is needed for the app to function, making it useful both in big cities and out-of-the-way areas.

Unit Converter – for Metric and Imperial Differences

Some say the British use both imperial and metric units so they can annoy Frenchmen and Americans at the same time, but whether you’re trying to work out how much 10 liters of fuel is in gallons, or how many kilometers are in 10 miles, unit conversion is always useful. The cunningly named Unit Converter app runs the gamut of units, from distance to weight, temperature, shoe and clothing sizes, and even scientific measures.

And that finishes our look at the quintet of top traveling apps, which should help smooth out the bumps in your journey.