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These days you can bet on the most bizarre things, from when you think the world will end to celebrity deaths. You also have platforms like SBOBET, which make it easier for people to wager on popular sporting events, with the ease to participate anywhere on the globe.

Betting is a sport on its own, and bettors pride themselves on predicting an outcome in hopes of winning cash. You really can bet on anything imaginable—here’s a list to give you some ideas:

Political Outcomes

There are numerous political situations to bet on, including straightforward predictions like who will win an election, to whether any local or international leaders will act a certain way or pass a law. Betting on political scenarios is becoming more popular because politics impacts our daily lives, and we feel part of the outcome by deliberating on these scenarios.

Movie Casting and Celebrities

Bookmakers take bets for almost anything, and who doesn’t enjoy watching movies or predicting tabloid headlines. Many people have a favourite actor or actress, and before the director reveals the cast for an upcoming movie, there is a buzz around who will be in the lead roles.

For example, with Hugh Jackman hanging up his Wolverine claws, much anticipation arose around his possible replacement. It prompted more bookmakers to take bets on movie castings and made the whole process a lot more exciting for people.

The Next Pope

It is just as fun betting on religious leaders as political ones, and people around the world like to bet on who will take the reins as the next Pope. Even though the current Pope is alive and well, there are plenty of bettors speculating on who could take over once Jorge Mario Bergoglio is no longer leading the movement. For example, many have placed bets in favour of Luis Antonio Tagle, a Cardinal from the Philippines.

Strange Sports

You can bet on any sport imaginable from pony riding to tiddlywinks. Sporting events are commonly the focus of betting initiatives, and no matter where you go worldwide, you will find a platform willing to take your bet on a popular or strange sport. In countries where betting is not allowed, you can still place bets online, on gambling platforms like SBOBET.

Brands and Stocks

Like sports, publicly listed stocks are exceptionally popular around the world when it comes to betting. Every franchise or stock that’s available to purchase can also be the subject of a wager—you bet on the company to be a success (or a failure) and earn money if your predictions prove correct. There are stock markets all over the globe, so the selection is unlimited.

Casino games are no longer the only way to bet, and the practice has advanced drastically since digital options expanded the marketplace. Now, betting is easier with online platforms such as SBOBET, so you don’t even need to leave home to participate. It is simple for people to enjoy themselves online and bookmakers to widen their betting portfolios, so it is a win-win for everyone.