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Being the original and pioneer holds a certain premium, especially when it comes to products, services and even technology. It is something that consumers want and demand for. However, for Bitcoin, it is so much more complicated than this.

Bitcoin Core (BTC) is heralded by the majority as the original Bitcoin. Why? First, because it was the pioneer digital currency that became the first ever successful application of blockchain technology. Second, it retained the original ticker symbol for Bitcoin, which is BTC. And third, due to its high price, it is deemed the most valuable digital currency, because it is the original as many people claim.

However, when compared to the original vision created by Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, it can be seen that BTC is far from being the original. In fact, at least two Bitcoin implementations were a result of hard forks due to disagreement between factions who wanted to follow Satoshi’s vision and those who did not want to. And BTC falls into the latter category.

BTC has refused to scale time and again, choosing to alter the original Bitcoin protocol to prevent its blockchain from scaling. Until today, 12 years since Bitcoin was launched as a digital currency and 13 years since the Bitcoin white paper was published, BTC has retained its 1MB block size cap and throughput of only seven transactions per second (tps)—numbers that Satoshi wrote as merely starting points for Bitcoin.

In fact, an extensive independent review conducted by MNP, one of the top tax, accounting and business consulting firms in Canada, shows that Bitcoin SV (BSV) is the best representation of Satoshi’s original vision for Bitcoin when compared to BTC. With SV standing for Satoshi Vision, BSV is a product of the second Bitcoin hard fork in 2018, after Bitcoin Cash (BCH) again refused to scale and opted to change the Bitcoin protocol to create a more anonymous and untraceable network.

“After examining BTC and BSV compared to the original vision set forth in the whitepaper, forum posts, emails, and other writings by Satoshi, it is our opinion BSV is the implementation that currently best represents what Satoshi originally intended,” the MNP report concluded.

As mentioned above, BTC has stagnated and has taken pride in being a pseudo digital gold, the only utility of which is to act as a speculative investment. Due to BTC’s small blocks, extremely low throughput, unstable protocol, expensive transaction fees and volatile price, it does not present any other utility for businesses as it would be both inefficient and impractical to act as a payment system—much more become the global technological plumbing that Satoshi envisioned Bitcoin to be.

In total contradiction, BSV has remained committed to Satoshi’s vision by restoring and setting in stone the original Bitcoin protocol—creating a rock-solid base layer that developers can build on—unlocking its blockchain’s capacity for unbounded scaling, continuously increasing throughput, lowering transaction fees to fractions of a cent, and maintaining a relatively stable price.

The recent record-breaking 2GB block mined on the BSV blockchain and the pending release of the Teranode project this year that will increase throughput to more than 50,000 tps—rivaling the VISA network’s capacity—are clear evidence that BSV is the original Bitcoin.

And this matters simply because Bitcoin is originally meant to be used by the masses and not just traded as pseudo digital by the few who can afford its exorbitant price.