My name is Anil Polat, a blogger and computer security engineer who’s been traveling around the world for the past seven years on a journey to visit every country in the world. I created foXnoMad, a travel site that teaches you the tips, tricks, and tech you can use to travel smarter – no matter where you go or how you travel. And FaucetSafe is part of that mission to help you travel smarter.

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I developed FaucetSafe because a lot of the information online about potable tap water is confusing, out of date, or wrong. The information in FaucetSafe is pulled from both official sources and based on the results of independent tests conducted on water supplies. In some parts of the world, local municipalities will say their water is drinkable when it may not be (for political or economic/tourism purposes). The information in FaucetSafe is regularly updated as well as incorporates the experiences from other travelers to add detail. Your comments and experiences are also valuable to your fellow travelers, so please feel free to leave comments about your experiences directly in FaucetSafe.

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