pen and paper notepadOne of the most respected and widely-read independent travel and technology blogs online, foXnoMad reaches a collective audience of 11.4 million people annually. Since 2006, foXnoMad has been recognized by TIME Magazine, Lifehacker, Reuters, and Mashable to name a few. The foXnoMad audience are traveling, tech-savvy, independent people booking tickets and planning most of their trips, and tech purchases online.

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You can find my writing in a few other places online and here are just some of them. I’ve written articles for online magazines like Lifehacker, Consumerist, Smart Money Magazine as well as print versions of PC World and WIRED. foXnoMad has also partnered with brands such as Dell, Audio-Technica, Thule, and Ford.

Press Mentions

Selected Interviews

Selected Guest Articles

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  • Taking A Break from The Internet: Going Offline While On Holiday (WIRED)
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  • Four Little Known Pilgrimage Sites For Sci-Fi Fans (WIRED)
  • Three Destinations You Should Go To Before Everyone Else Does (WIRED)
  • From the Diaries of a Traveller (The Messenger)
  • Sunday Featured Traveler: Anil Polat, Traveling in Northern Iraq (Everything Everywhere)

Television, Awards, Radio, Podcasts, Documentaries, And Other Selected Mentions

If you enjoy my writing and would like a guest post or to collaborate in some other way, please feel free to contact me.