writing with beerWant To Submit A Guest Post?

I don’t accept many guest posts but am always open to posting an interesting travel story. Don’t contact me if you can’t meet the restrictions below – if you can and have a good story to tell, email me. While I can’t promise a pitch will result in a post, I will consider every submission.

Also, please note the following:

  • I will not post links back to corporate sites or those promoting keywords.
  • I will not consider guest posts with links in the content, keyword links, or links back to commercial sites.
  • All images (if provided) will be hosted on my server. You retain the rights of course but this makes it easier for me to format them and help keep my site loading quickly as well.
  • I retain the right to reject any guest post for any reason.
  • Guest posts must be original and not re-posted anywhere else.
  • Please keep in mind I reject almost all of the guest posts I receive. Don’t take it personally, I’m just very picky about what gets published here.

Not Much Of A Writer But Still Want To Promote Something

There are a number of ways and formats available to advertise on foXnoMad. Take a look at the Advertising page for more information about placing your ad on foXnoMad.

[photo by: Sami Keinänen]