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Nowadays, students have many options to make studying simpler and more productive. Technology provides tools to organize, research, and write, thus enabling students to overcome the challenges in their academic work. However, the variety of offers is so great that many young people can get confused. However, there is no need to panic! Here are the best apps you can install on your mobile devices!


Grammarly is a mighty writing buddy that can make you a better writer. It analyzes your texts for grammar, punctuation, and style mistakes. Grammarly recommends ways to help you to achieve more understandable and powerful writing. It covers the scope of various platforms such as emails, social media, and documents, making it possible to write great everywhere. This instrument plays a pivotal role in instantly correcting non-native English speakers’ mistakes while speaking.

Imagine being able to correct spelling and punctuation within a minute, choose the best options to paraphrase your message, and even boost your style. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But don’t forget that Grammarly can only help you with grammar and spelling. You must write your assignment or find a reliable paper writing help company. But always give preference to reputable academic services.


Notion is an all-in-one productivity app and a workspace that holds your notes, tasks, and databases. It helps you manage your homework, personal tasks, and study schedule so everything is in one place. Notion allows you to create customizable pages that you can adjust to fit your needs. For example, you can use the page for note-taking, planning, or tracking your progress. This app is primarily meant to boost the efficiency of students who usually grapple with several things relating to their academic affairs.

Google Drive

Most students know and love Google Drive as it is a convenient cloud storage environment for working with documents wherever you are. All you need is any device and access to the World Wide Web. Thanks to Google Drive, you can instantly achieve teamwork on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations without delays. This is a great invention as it removes the need for physical storage devices and simplifies group work.

Google Drive also works with other Google services, like Docs and Sheets, to further expand its functions and become indispensable for today’s students. But don’t forget that assignments are solely your responsibility. If you need to expand your essay-writing skills, check this link. By the way, you can easily save similar articles on your Google Drive for later reading.


It’s time for another application! Evernote is a multifunctional tool students can use to collect and arrange their ideas, notes, and researched data. It gives you a central repository in which you can store your class notes, to-do lists, and even documents that have been scanned. You definitely won’t be disappointed with this app.

Evernote is famous for synchronizing data between all your devices, which means you never lose your notes, whether you are on a laptop at school or your phone in a vehicle. Another great feature of Evernote is the powerful search feature, which makes it possible to find notes quickly and allows searches to be performed on notes written long ago.


Todoist is a task management app that ensures students remain organized and are generally aware of their assignments and deadlines. This app allows you to create tasks, set deadlines, and even prioritize your work based on its importance or urgency. The application can also create frequent tasks like weekly readings and project steps. Today’s Todoist has a minimal but user-friendly interface and can be even more useful by integrating it with other tools such as Google Calendar and Dropbox. Such an approach makes it the most attractive option for students who want to maximize their limited time. So, create a to-do list while working at college or a dorm and enhance your productivity.


Quizlet is a popular multi-purpose memory tool that helps students boost their learning by using digital flashcards and online games. It enables you to develop text, image, and audio-based flashcard sets. Such sets will facilitate the students’ learning and memorizing process, including the basics like vocabulary and more complex concepts like science.

In addition, Quizlet provides more than one study mode, which usually consists of matching games, multiple-choice tests, and spelling tests, thus making learning more fun and less tedious. You can also exchange your sets with other students or look up sets prepared by other users on similar topics among users.


Have you ever heard about mind-mapping tools? SimpleMind is one of them, and here is why you should try it. The app is especially beneficial in brainstorming, essay planning, or exam revision. Using SimpleMind, you can craft mind maps, which help you connect related information visually, making the tricky things much easier to understand. Your freedom to choose and set colors and styles that are unique for each mind map allows you to make each mind map your own and adapt it to your type of learning.

Besides, SimpleMind is also designed to support syncing across devices; therefore, you can conveniently open your mind maps on a tablet during classes or a phone when you’re on the move. This excellent feature would work well for students who learn by seeing and understanding the links between the concepts.