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Greece is a place to fall in love with. If you are planning a luxurious romantic holiday with your partner Greece is one of the destinations you should choose. With its quaint whitewashed villages, pristine beaches, crystal clear blue waters and delicious Greek cuisine Greece is a great choice for those who want to indulge and spend private moments in complete luxury and seclusion.

The best part about it all is that you can find a variety of private villas and accommodations that can help you stay lavishly as you and your partner bask in the Greek sun. If you are staying on any of the islands on the Ionian Sea you can visit to book luxurious villas and accommodations for your romantic holidays. However, you must choose from the best islands that suit your preferences and needs.


There is no doubt that you will find Santorini on practically every list which involves a romantic getaway in Greece. This island is magical and it continues to make couples fall in love with its charm and picturesque views. You might likely have seen Santorini’s blue-domed churches, whitewashed buildings and spectacular sunset images already online. However, witnessing all this in real is a different experience altogether. If you are planning romantic holidays in Greece, Santorini remains one of the top choices where you can explore the volcanic beaches, breathtaking caldera, and do much more. You can also rent a catamaran or private yacht cruise, and do scuba diving and parasailing activities. When you are done you can retreat into your villa and enjoy the panoramic views of the Ionian Sea as you take a dip in your private infinity pool.


Each couple has its character and if you and your partner have a sense of adventure Crete is one of the top choices for you. This is where you can find some of the best beaches in Greece to relax and unwind. If you and your partner are an outdoor person you both will enjoy walking the Elafonsi, Vai and Balos Beach. On the other hand, Crete is also popular for those who want to indulge in a gastronomic ride. Various award-winning restaurants in Crete will offer you Greek and Cretan cuisine to help explore the local flavours. Crete’s rugged landscape also makes it a ground for those who prefer hiking and exploring the island on foot. As a couple, you can explore the quaint fishing village, and endless olive groves and do various water sports activities like snorkelling and windsurfing.



Mykonos is the playground of the rich and famous and you will likely spot some celebrity here. However, if you are looking for a luxury romantic getaway Mykonos is a great option to choose from. Apart from the beautiful beaches, this Greek island is known for its nightlife and parties. If you are a couple who loves to celebrate after sunset hours Mykonos can enhance your experiences. You can find some of the best nightclubs and bars here in Greece where you can enjoy local Greek cuisine as well. During the day hours, you can explore the windmills, the Old Port, Little Venice, and Paraportiani Church. You can enjoy a romantic dinner by the sea enjoying the fresh seafood. Mykonos is also gay-friendly and therefore it’s a perfect spot in Greece for love and pleasure.



If your idea of a luxury romantic getaway is to disconnect from the regular worldly chaos, Hydra sounds like a perfect choice. While Hydra is closer to Athens, this island town can provide couples with the right privacy and seclusion they need. The town can provide you with ample private villas and luxurious accommodations offering a lavish stay experience. The best part about Hydra is that the island has no cars. You can take a walk with your partner down the narrow alleys of Hydra Town and even the lovely beaches. While you are here you can also enjoy delicious Greek foods to try by the port overlooking the sea. Couples can also catch a sunset from Hydra Harbour or the balcony of the rented private villa.


With white sandy beaches, spectacular sunsets, and vibrant nightlife, Rhodes is one of the islands in Greece that would offer you a true escape to a tropical paradise. Nestled in the Aegean Sea, Rhodes can provide you with a variety of plush accommodations perfect for those luxurious romantic getaways. You can also find ample beach clubs that provide a perfect spot for couples who want to kick off their holidays with refreshing drinks and handcrafted cocktails. You can also choose from various couple spas that allow you to recharge and pamper both of you in style. Sunsets in Rhodes are magical and these moments can make all the difference you need for your luxurious romantic holidays. For nightlife, Rhodes can provide you with plenty of rooftop bars and restaurants which would be a perfect way to end your day on a romantic note.


Packed with gorgeous cliffs, pristine beaches, crystal clear blue waters, picturesque villages and lush olive gardens Zakynthos is a great spot for a plush couple’s holiday trip. This is where you can find excellent private villas where you can stay as you overlook the Ionian Sea. It is obvious that when you are in Zakynthos you would want to visit the iconic Navagio Beach also known as the Shipwreck Beach. If you have a sense of adventure you can also head to the National Marine Park of Zakynthos which is a perfect spot for nature lovers. You can also walk various beaches here like Agios Nikolaos Beach,  Porto Zoro Beach and Porto Roxa Beach where couples can enjoy some private time basking under the Greek sun.



If you are looking for a Greek island that offers you the vibe of Santorini and Mykonos but with fewer crowds then you can head to Milos. This southwesternmost island of the Cyclades Archipelago in the Aegean Sea has gained a lot of popularity lately. If you are looking for complete privacy and seclusion, Milos would be a great spot in the Mediterranean Sea. You can find various luxurious villas and resorts that can pamper you and allow you to indulge the way you prefer. Sarakiniko Beach is one of the popular beaches here where you can have a great time. Milos also allows you the freedom to move around and explore more parts of the island on foot or bicycle. You can also be involved in various water sports activities like snorkelling and diving. One of the things that make Milos unique is the giant volcanic rocks that are made up of different colours. As a couple, you can explore various picturesque fishing villages and enjoy some spectacular sunsets and romantic dinners by the Aegean Sea.