FaucetSafe is a worldwide guide on where you can and shouldn’t drink the local tap water. The information is compiled from multiple sources and FaucetSafe also has a comment system where locals and travelers alike can add further detail. Water potability often varies in small geographic areas (e.g. within cities). FaucetSafe is designed to be a guide to where you can and can’t drink the water – both to save you costs as well as reduce the amount of plastic consumed by every traveler (in the form of water bottles).

FaucetSafe shows you where the tap water is drinkable but it’s important to keep in mind that even in places where the water is treated, the presence of foreign bacteria might cause digestive issues, initially. Such problems aren’t always an indication of non-potability but can occur as the body adjusts and builds immunity.

FaucetSafe is designed to show you the general water potability in a country but has specific information for cities and other localities as well. It may be the case that a country where the tap water is generally considered not-drinkable has some or a few cities where the water is potable. Those local differences are noted in FaucetSafe and the general country icon is based on potability overall within a nation. Below is the key for FaucetSafe, whose icons indicate whether local tap water is drinkable, not drinkable, and places where there is not enough reliable information.

faucetsafe potableThe local water is generally considered drinkable.


faucetsafe not drinkableThe local tap water is generally considered NOT drinkable.


grey question mark faucetsafe No data.


yellow star faucetsafe  Indicates the comment with the highest rating based on feedback from other users.


Continually Updated From Multiple Sources

FaucetSafe is updated regularly using both government, local, and independent monitoring sources, as well as with with data accumulated and researched based on user feedback.

Users can also use the FaucetSafe comment system to notify other travelers of their experiences, recommendations, plus indicate an update for a particular location may be needed.

FaucetSafe is designed to be a guide for travelers to save time, money, as well as reduce their use of plastic. FaucetSafe is to be used only as a guide and despite the work that goes into keeping it accurate and up to date, travelers should be cautious if they have any concerns or doubts about the potability of local tap water.

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