TipFox is a worldwide guide on tipping customs around the world at restaurants, bars, and for other common services. TipFox is designed to help travelers easily look up what might be expected as a tip, with a comment system as well for feedback, questions, and to connect with other travelers. Tipping customs can often be confusing so TipFox breaks down by category how much tip to leave at restaurants, bars, for various services, taxis, as well as other specific practices for cultures worldwide.

TipFox is designed to quickly give you a detailed description of how much to tip around the world. The map is broken down by a few broad category, which you can click on to give you more detailed information. Below is the key for TipFox, shows you whether, in general, how tips are to be handled.

tipfox percentageTips are generally expected at a set percentage.


tipfox round upRounding up the bill is common.


tipfox some circumstancesTips are expected for some, but not all services.


tipfox not customaryTips are not customary for most services.


grey question mark tipfox No data.


yellow star tipfox Indicates the comment with the highest rating based on feedback from other users.

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