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washington monument

On April 16, 1862, slavery was abolished in the District of Columbia (D.C.) with Abraham Lincoln’s publication of the “act for the release of certain persons held to service or labor in the District of Columbia.” More than 3,000 slaves were liberated – but not before a long, hard struggle. The liberation of these slaves marked a monumental shift in the history of the country, and the anniversary of Emancipation Day was celebrated for many years.

The Capital of the United States

As the United States’ capital city and home to the White House and the Capitol, Washington DC is steeped in this and other important moments in the history of the country. But it’s not only a great destination for history enthusiasts – it’s also an awesome tourist and leisure destination, with activities catering to every kind of taste.

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Tour the City by Bus

Guided tours (by bus) are excellent for first-time visitors. These tours allow visitors to get on and off whenever they like at any of the stops along the route, and the tour guides are full of knowledge about everything you’ll see en route. The Capitol, the White House, and the Washington Monument, are just a few of the fascinating things you’ll get a look at.

Visit the National Archives

The one part of a visit to the archives is obviously getting the chance to examine important public documents, such as the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. However, the neoclassical building that houses the archives is also worthy of attention in its own right.

Explore the City Through the Lens of a Camera

Sunset anywhere is a magical time – and sunset in Washington, D.C. is especially so. From the Washington Monument, happy snappers can get a great 2-for-1 photo deal: both the sunset sky and its reflection in the large pond at the base of the Obelisk.

Even after dark, D.C. is very photogenic. Get a different slant on the same historic buildings you saw during the day when they are lit up from within against the night sky.

Dine in Style on the Potomac

A rather different way of seeing the sights in Washington, D.C. is to take a boat tour. The Potomac River, which separates the city from Virginia, has fast-flowing but calm waters, ideal for boating. Sunset cruises are especially popular, and gourmet dining is available on board when you’re done with your photography.

(Top tip: It can get chilly on the water, so be sure to have your trusty black fleece jacket on hand for this one!)

Georgetown’s Gastro-tourism

Georgetown neighborhood is noted for its classical old buildings, as well as its lively atmosphere. However, the many local restaurants in Georgetown make it even more popular with anyone on the hunt for a fine dining experience.

Don’t Break the Bank!

At the moment, one of the main advantages of traveling to America is the relatively weak dollar. That makes it more affordable for anyone to see the sights without breaking the bank! So this might be the right time to splurge on a full package tour with all the bells and whistles.

On the other hand, there are plenty of cheaper options that really give almost the same good value as the more pricey ones.

For anyone who has plenty of energy, a Private Audio Guided Walking Tour is a really nice way to see the Washington sights. For only $5.44 per person, you are provided with 125 minutes of audio content, which you play through your phone, just as if you were on a guided tour. The bonus here is that you can walk at your own pace and stop and start whenever you like, without missing out on any of the information – which you couldn’t do if you were following a live guide in real time. If you prefer, you can also read the information as text.

Typically, the itinerary for one of these tours will take you to the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Hill, and the National Gallery of Art.

The National Mall

The National Mall, running for three kilometers from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial, is where you’ll find the picturesque obelisk mentioned above.

It’s been standing for over 200 years, and it symbolizes America and its democratic values. Situated inside more than 1,000 acres of greenspace, the National Mall also incorporates the Korean War Veterans Memorial, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the World War II Memorial.

Capitol Hill

Adjacent to the National Mall, Capitol Hill is the site of the U.S. Congress. The silhouette of this iconic building is familiar all over the world.

Whenever you happen to visit Capitol Hill, expect it to be buzzing with activity. It’s the center of the city, a central tourist destination, and a central hub of local culture.

The National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery, on Constitution Avenue, rivals art collections anywhere in the world. The collection contains the only original da Vinci in America.

Although, of course, the original artworks in the gallery are kept under strict security, images of the artworks can be downloaded for free, as part of the gallery’s Open Data program. The curators of the gallery believe that everybody should have the opportunity to experience art for free, as well as to learn factual information about the art objects they see.

The downloadable dataset of factual information about more than 130,000 artists and artworks is available free of charge.

Final Word

Whatever floats your boat, you’ll find it in D.C. This tourist hotspot is jam-packed with every kind of amenity you could need while away from your home base, and you can trust Hellotickets to ensure that your next D.C. trip is comfortable, affordable, and free from stress!