WiFox is a continually updated map of airport and lounge passwords from around the world. In map view, you can tap any wifi icon where wireless information is available, and use the button to copy the password to the clipboard. The map is available offline so you don’t need an Internet connection to use WiFox when you’re traveling.

Users can also add passwords they find from airports around the world. Those passwords are then sent to foXnoMad for verification and approval before they are added to the map. In ‘List View’ you can update passwords for airports already added (when they’ve noticed some changes). As you travel you can also rate the wireless hotspot information to let us know if the details worked for you or not. Based on traveler feedback, the connection information is updated, verified, or removed.

Below is the key for WiFox, whose icons indicate how fresh, reliable, and highly rated a given airport wireless network’s information is.

wifox blue wireless The hotspot is fresh, verified, and highly rated.

wifox blue grey wireless icon The hotspot may need some of its details (e.g. network name) updated

wifox light grey wireless icon The hotspot may need some updates (e.g. password) from travelers like you!

Continually Updated From Multiple Sources

WiFox is updated with information travelers, pilots, and other users send through the WiFox app, foXnoMad website, and foXnoMad Facebook and Twitter accounts. WiFox currently has wireless Internet information for over 700 airports.

WiFox also tells you if any wireless access points have time restrictions – if they do, WiFox shows you how to get around them!

The map is updated automatically upon opening the app (when you have Internet access) or by clicking the ‘Update’ button on the map or refresh icon on the List View.

Feedback, Feature Requests, And Bug Reports

Your feedback is an important part of WiFox. I would love to hear any feedback, feature requests, or bugs you find (hopefully none of the latter!) You can send me a message directly using any of the links below:

Feedback / Feature Requests

Report A Bug

Rate On iTunes (This is a big help!)

Review on Google Play (I appreciate your feedback!)