A shout out to all of the Pinoy hanging around L’avant Poste. Holla!

In the Philippines, protest organizers are setting up demonstrations on the fly using mass texting. And according to this article, it works.

Once they might have called a demonstration by printing fliers. Now, they do it by mass texting. Palatino had spent days getting the word out, banging out text after text on the keypad of his little Nokia phone.

…All the organizing is done through texting. It’s affordable and instant.

This is happening all over the world too. It always amazes me how in poorer countries I’ve been too, even the garbage men have the sharpest cells. I bet a man sitting in a hut somewhere in Indonesia has got a better cell phone than any of the Americans stopping by L’avant Poste.

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Well, guess that beats air conditioning 😉

Those crazy Filipino hippies, protesting against haircuts and clothing.