Most new cars in the United States (over 70-90%) come equiped with Event Data Recorders (EDRs).

EDRs record various data from model to model, but most record the speed, brake pressure, direction or movement, among other things, several seconds before a car is involved in an accident. Data from EDRs has already been used in court cases changing verdicts both in favor and against car drivers.

Does your car have an EDR? See below, but since car maufacturers aren’t required to let you know if you have one, there is no way to tell for sure. Check your owners manual. Toyota and some other companies disclose the information voluntarily to their customers.

10 states, beginning with California in 2004, are passing laws obliging automakers to tell buyers if their vehicles have recorders; the laws also restrict the downloading of data without car owners’ consent. Eleven other states are considering similar legislation.

Personally, I think EDRs are a good idea and will cut back on insurance fraud and other cases where you get hit and you get the drop. Planes have them, and cars crash all the time, don’t you think this data is valuable??

Cars with EDR

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This isn’t a comprehensive list FYI – because on doesn’t exist 😉

So, does your car have an EDR? I plan to call Honda, just to find out about mine.