I’m not sure if you guys have read this yet, but I saw it on the Washington Post today. As if it weren’t hard enough to quit smoking, tobacco companies are trying to keep new (mostly) young and black smokers smoking.

How? By increasing the amount of nicotine in cigarettes by 10-30% since 1998. There should be laws against this sort of thing. Racism, exploitation, and addiction are grounds for some serious law suits.

The nicotine in Marlboro products, preferred by two-thirds of high school smokers, increased 12 percent. Kool lights increased 30 percent. Two-thirds of African American smokers use menthol brands.

Can you imagine if other drug companies started increasing dosages by 25%? Beer, cholesterol medicine, or Viagra! I think lots of randy old men would be suing with their 45+ hour erections, don’t you?

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