A friend of mine posted this up on Myspace and I had to post it for your benefit. Although a bit of a local story for many of us, those of you overseas should read on too. It is disgusting.

T wo Fairfax County (Virginia, USA) officers lay mortally wounded in the parking lot of their Sully District police station. At the height of the crisis, anxious police cordoned off streets, closing down some businesses. The Texas Roadhouse restaurant just down the road had to shut its doors for a few hours that day in May and again on the next two Saturdays, when large crowds came out to honor the funeral processions for Detective Vicki Armel and Officer Michael Garbarino.

So what did the restaurant do in the police department’s time of loss? Offer to cater the funerals? Set up a food donation schedule for the bereaved families? Nah. The Texas Roadhouse in Chantilly counted up the pennies it had lost — a total of about $9,000, the manager computed — and turned to the police department with a formal request for compensation.

You can read the rest of the story here. And although Texas Roadhouse doesn’t make it’s email address very easily found, I found it. Along with a phone number, both listed below. Again, for you benefit. Feel free to complain…