Have you noticed that haha just doesn’t cut it anymore? When instant messaging someone do you feel that a “haha” response to a joke or funny comment seems trite? I have lately and noticed others compensating too.

  • hahaha
    • Some people go hahaha – adding the extra ha. Although I admit to having done this on occasion, I think it is too over the top. It is like saying outloud, “HA HA HA. I THINK THE HUMEROUS COMMENT YOU MADE WAS AMUSING. HA HA HA.”
  • hahahahaha
    • This is just screaming, “What you said was kinda funny. Like a chuckled, but now I just don’t know how to articulate that through a keyboard. HAHAHAHAHAHA. There, ok. Phew…”
  • haha + 🙂
    • Oh boy, these people seem really off track. They completely abandoned words all together and have gone to the smiley face. It is a new invention for some people. But who can hate smileys?
  • hahah
    • My personal favorite, right in between hahaha and hahahahaha. It says, I chuckled, your words are clever and cause my mouth and facial expression to change. Thank you dear friend.
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See how simple that is? Now I wonder what this post says about me? 😯