Yes that is right. Late breaking news from L’avant Poste. Due to the recent recall of spinach in the United States many grocery stores have tossed their stash of spinach. Most people can do without, but as this report goes to show – our favorite sailorman might not make it.

Popeye is currently on ventilators and could only say this.

Err…I can’t even toot me own whistle. I is not the sailorman I used to be. Not only that but the message I’ve been spreading about spinach for over 20 years may be ruined.

And I think Oliveoil may be preparing for a divorce. Without me forearms – I can’t whallop a nothin’.

Can Popeye be saved? Will the E.Coli crisis end in time? It’s not looking good.

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Superman had this to say,

I’m just a freak from another planet and I eat whatever the hell I like. Screw Popeye. Can he burn things with his eyes or urinate with enough force to pierce rock?

That’s what a superhero does. He pierces things with his urine – end of story.