Unsecured wireless networks are great, especially on a 3 hour train ride to Lugano. The train system is a bit confusing from ZUR airport to the city of Zurich itself and then on to your next destination in Switzerland. That’s because the tickets and all of the various (over 60) train platforms from Zurich only list the major stops. To get around you’ll have to listen carefully to the person behind the ticket booth.


  • WAG = Wagon and it’s the train cart you’ve been assigned to.
  • Sitz = Your seat number. I don’t know any German for the exact translation but it means ‘seat’.
  • The cost from Zurich to Lugano is 66 francs and to Milan about 80 (I checked for you guys. What kinda semi-travel site would this be if I didn’t?)
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Trains seat 6 to a room (only 3 others in mine) and have a nice little snack booth that isn’t priced too bad. A coke was 20% more expensive than off the street.

Since there are very few stops it’s hard to get lost. Just don’t fall asleep in the comfortable chairs and miss your stop 😳