This is perhaps the best way to call people overseas. Any of you guys use Skype?

Skype is a free program that works like instant messaging. It allows you to call from computer to computer using your microphone and camera if you have one. I use it to call my friends overseas.

The best part about Skype is that you can also call landlines and cell phones with it. Skype lets you dial in anybody?s phone number and you can call for free to anyone in the US or Canada (unlimited). If you want to call overseas to a landline/cell $10 will get you about 8 hours worth of talk time.

There are some other features if you?re interested in learning more. I love it, fact I use it to call my silly sister all the way over there in Switzerland. Seeing that I?ll be back online in about a week or so feel free to hit me up using Skype. I’ve of course got my laptop with me, Skype and camera/mic all ready over there (or here…whatever)!

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