Not sure if I spelled that correctly – no spell checker until I return to Ankara. My bus leaves in about 5 hours so I’m at the Internet cafe being Turkish again and drinking coffee and gearing up for backgammon in a bit.

Today everyone said goodbye and some were sad. Can’t say that I was too much. Being with that many people for so long and no alone time is hard for me personally and I definitely exchanged some words here and there. I did meet a few people here that became good friends and I will certainly make an effort to keep in touch with them.

But I did get to say by to one of the LTs here who so reminds me of my father…but that post will have to wait for a few days.

How To Visit The Game Of Thrones Filming Locations In Southern Spain

FYI – I still haven’t checked any of my many email accounts – that fun is for late tonight after a few beers…

I can’t wait until I step off the bus in 11 hours from now. I’ve been waiting…