L’avant Posters I’m really excited – we’ve hit another milestone this month for our UNICEF collection.

As of October 31rst we’ve all donated and collect a total of $700! This leaves us only $300 to go to reach our goal of $1,000 for UNICEF in 2006.

I was inspired at the end of last year when my office decided to collect money for UNICEF and other organizations. I was impressed by how much money our little company was able to collect just by each of us donating a little.

I realized that I (and everyone else) ended up donating more that we expected and that big changes are made with small steps. I began collecting for UNICEF asking for donations rather than gifts for the New Year. My original goal was to raise $250.

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That goal was reached January 1, 2006 ❗

I donate a little bit every month and many of you do too…thank you, thank you, and thank you everyone!

I hope that you will all continue to help.

  • Nearly 11 million children die before their fifth birthday each year.

They don’t have to. For more information about UNICEF and what they do, click here.