As if it wasn’t bad enough, the Wizards losing to the Orlando Magic 106-103 the other night. Hedo Turkoglu (one of the 3) Turkish players in the NBA gave [mah boy] Gilbert Arenas a nasty elbow to the face.

From the Washington Post:

Guard Gilbert Arenas was wearing a bandage over his right eye yesterday, the result of an errant elbow thrown by Orlando’s Hedo Turkoglu on Monday night.

After which Hedo said in a bad accent,

haha, take that black man! You like? I liiike!

Then Hedo showed him a good ol’ Turkish “middle” finger.

By the way, Turkoglu had 18 points and the other starting Turk in the league (Mehmet Okur in Utah) had a double double – 23 points and 10 rebounds.

Gilbert? Well apparently there was a fight in the locker room after the game – he had 24.

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Bujur, Antwan Jamison had 29 points 10 rebounds. Al, there you go…