• Inline spell checking. So when you’re writing blogs for instance, you don’t look like a turd by spelling everything wrong.
  • Every been typing something into a webpage, Myspace, or blog then have something crash or go wrong. It sucks right? Well Firefox 2.0 saves what you write as you write it, so even if you accidentally close your web browser, it’ll ask you the next time you open it.
    • “Hey want to save that 10 page blog post?”
    • “Um, yes. Thank you…”
  • Also, Firefox 2.0 isn’t tied to the testicles of your operating system (like Internet Explorer). If some 15 year old high school hacks your favorite sports site, that just borks your Web browser. It doesn’t mean he can download tons of kiddie porn on to your computer and sell it to perverts in Taiwan.
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Microsoft is forcing XP users to upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 (which is a knock off of previous Firefox versions). If you run Windows, IE 7 will be in your next Windows update.

Download Firefox, it’s better. Trust me.

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