Last night 😳

It’s late and I go to bed early during the week. Last night I am in wonderland, hearing pounding in my dreams. There is a loud knocking on the door – so loud in fact it woke up our neighbors as well. I figured that it was likely one of the roommates or friends who were (likely intoxicated) and locked out.

A minute later someone is knocking on my bedroom door. It’s my roomie telling me that the police are at the door…to see me? 😯 In a sleep haze I went downstairs and the police ask for me by name and ask if I drive a Honda (which I do). Then they ask me where I have been that night, doing what, etc. etc.

I was out to dinner with my mother thank you very much. :mrgreen:

Now as they are asking me all of this I begin to think maybe I was driving too fast on the way home, or that guy in the Corolla I cut off wrote down my tags or something.

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Turns out that a purse was stolen and the lady who reported the theft gave the police a license plate. That plate number was matched to my car – although my tags are different. Now either the police don’t have anything better to do that run after lost purses in the middle of the night, or something more is up that they just didn’t tell me.

They came back about fifteen minutes later beating the hell out of the door (I mean, common, the light were on and you know we’re awake – it was just 15 minutes ago – was that really necessary?)…then ask me a bunch more questions, check my car to see if it was warm (on Hybrid cars very difficult, the fan runs to cool the engine even if the car is off). They are finally convinced that me in my underwear probably didn’t steal a purse, and that the tags were mixed up somehow.

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I’m going to follow the police reports over the next few days and will report back if I find out anything.

On a side note: the cops that came a man and a very hot-in-a-uniform lady (waa waa wee waa) were very polite and courteous.