Otherwise this will happen:

I wish this picture could capture what a mess this created.

I decided to be productive today, you know the weekend and all, so I decided to do some cleaning. During the cleaning process I thought to myself,

boy, those pillows haven’t been cleaned in a long er…they’ve never been cleaned!

So I asked myself, “how do you clean pillows?” Well, “just like everything else! In the laundry machine!” Well be advised that if you do this, all of the stuff that is in the pillow will be outside of the pillow, and you’ll have a bigger mess than when you started 😳

This is why I believe the educational system is flawed – I should have been taught this in school. What?? You say that I should have already known? Well, I didn’t – and bet you didn’t know either, at least until now!

A Picture Of Black And White Uncertainty In The Heart Of Ukraine's Revolution