An interesting blog about how the TSA overreacted (again) to a situation that didn’t fit their expectations, despite some annoying stuff called evidence.

About two years ago I made a big, rubber band ball. It’s bigger than a softball, but not as big as a basketball. It’s made of 100% rubber bands, and the core is nothing but knotted rubber bands. It’s been in the trunk of a car that I own and keep down there for most of that time.

The cop started in on me, and I finally said, “look, I’ll give you the ball. I just want to get on my flight.” The TSA guy ignored me, and kept asking me what was in the center of the ball. I kept telling him it was nothing but rubber bands. The TSA took it away again and x-rayed it again and said there was something metallic in the center. I kept denying it and denying any wrong doing.

The cop then switched tactics and asked, “are you smuggling drugs?” I told him that was “outrageous” and produced my SIDA badge and my airline ID. I asked him if his question was serious. He started asking why I didn’t have any checked luggage to which I replied, “Dude, I load bags all day. I know better than to check them.” He again accused me of “smuggling something.”

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