It being finals week and all I saw a post on the Bujur site about the countries who top the list when it comes to the amount of hours spent studying per week.

  • Korea 49.9
  • Turkey 48.6
  • Mexico 46.9
  • Greece 44.9
  • Italy 40.8

What struck me as interesting is the fact that none of the richest countries in the world are in that top 5. In fact the average US student spends 33 hours per week studying, however will likely be paid 3 times the amount of money compared to these other countries.

So, more evidence that studying only measures the amount of work you do…not intelligence? Let’s check out this list of successful dropouts!

  • 18 billionaires
  • 10 Nobel Prize Winners
  • 8 US Presidents [insert George Bush joke here]
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