That is why the NBA player is divorcing his wife after 10 years of marriage.

According to the complaint, Joumana Kidd used the couple’s 8-year-old son on Dec. 27 to sneak into the Nets locker room and rummage through Jason Kidd’s locker to find his cell phone. After looking up the names and numbers on it, the complaint said she left her son to behind as she went upstairs to take a front row seat, where she shouted insults at Kidd throughout the game.

The papers accuse Joumana Kidd of kicking, hitting, punching and throwing household objects at her husband as she became “increasingly controlling and manipulative” in the last few years of their union.

According to Kidd, his wife had tracking devices installed on his cars and computers and has harassed his trainer, friends and family.

I bet you are telling yourself, man she must be hot for him to put up with this. Well decide for yourself (and let me know in the comments). I think she is ok, but definitely not worth 10 years.

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