The flight from Washington DC to Atlanta, Georgia is a short one. Most of the people on the plane are locals going back home (almost all with tattoos) or business people on to catch a connecting flight to the West coast.

Sitting next to me was all tall dark man with an unusually long beard that was missing a mustache. It is always best to get the aisle seat because it gives you the freedom to get up as you please and forces you to move your legs when the window passenger needs to use the restroom.

While board the plane (Ahmed, we’ll call him), proceeded to climb over me rather than ask me to move. I was so shocked that I didn’t know what to say. During the flight he attempted to do the same thing when he needed to get up, except this time he stepped on my foot. After the plane landed he smacked me across the chest in a feverish attempt to get off of the plane. I don’t know why people do that, especially when the plane doors aren’t open yet. Rush all you want, nobody is getting off the plane until the cabin crew says so.

Outside The First Class Lounge Of Shanghai's Pudong Airport

Ahmed would make a great klutz in a movie or commercial and made the hour long flight all the more interesting.