I got a chance to catch this on my last transcontinenal flight, and you will be able to as well if you fly across the Atlantic via United or Lufthansa. The story is about the US Coast Guard and Kevin Costner playing the older experianced guy teaching Ashton Kutcher (the new cadet) the ropes. It has enough action to keep you awake, make you more concious of turbulance, and give you great admiration for the Coast Guard.

Costner loves to stick to the Americana (JFK, Dances with Wolves) and various aspects of American culture (think Silverado, The Untouchables) and for that I think his passion in his work shows. People may not be so fond of his more abstract (Postman, Waterworld) work but this film will make 2 hours on the flight go by quick.

How Crowded Is Petra During The Day?

Plus, he’s not that bad, come on!

Too bad it’s not on PeekVid…yet.