We’ve been waiting a long time for Spiderman 3 to be released. Not wasting a single moment I went to the midnight opening here in the States.

Spiderman 3 starts slow and goes slow for about the first 20 minutes and there is way too much of Mary Jane singing. As if the initial singing weren’t bad enough we’ve got to hear her scream for the last 20. (Is Kirsten Dunst really needed for part 4?)

Then the ball gets rolling. James Franco brings some life back to the Goblin character and his acting is dead on. He’s cold, scorned, and just a bad dude. His acting gets more over the top as the movie goes on, but a good job overall.

The action scenes are unreal and damn worth checking out. I wish they had cut out about 20-30 minutes of the useless character “personality” scenes. We know these characters, yet it feels like the film is spoon feeding the audience. (10 minutes of MJ crying…she’s sad, we get it.)

How To Travel

I had very high expectations for Spiderman 3. It feel into all of the #3 traps of the latest trilogy trend – squeezing in too much, becoming a parody of itself, and not wrapping the story completely in the end.

You will still feel a bit giddy when you leave the theater though not like you did after the first one. It’s dark and dark is good, Toby Maguire is dead-on and really likable no matter how evil he becomes. The ride is a good one (could have been 1 hour 45) and most people will like it. Plenty of funny scenes to keep things light, and enough serious scenes that the audience just laughs at anyway.

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