Sites that allow users to watch current movies and TV shows for free via a stream on the Web, like Peekvid, have been doing so without legal prosecution.

The way that the owners of these sites (including say since they are not the ones putting up the content, they are not the ones violating the copyright.

Their argument is rooted, ironically, in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act that U.S. lawmakers approved in 1998. The kids, as well as the operators of most sites that let users upload content, argue that they’re not violating copyright law if they’re not the ones putting it up and if they take it down at the copyright holder’s request. It’s the same argument Google is making in its YouTube case.

These sites and the like are great for those who are traveling and want to keep in touch with their favorite shows. Those of you who hate all of this piracy going on should keep in mind that once one site is shut down, 10 others pop up. Not only that, but if the site is hosted in a country that turns a blind eye to this sort of thing (Russia, I’m looking at you) then they will operate indefinitely.

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