…And if you’re not, you will be after reading this! In honor of aop1980’s absence, (he’ll be in Sweden and Germany for a bit), I decided to change this Friday’s post a little. Instead of the usual “Dirty French Word of the Week,” I present you the dirty Swedish and German words of the week! These will definitely come in handy in those certain G-rated situations (i.e. while at work) 😉

Jidder: Swedish word for “bullshit”.
“Aop1980 smells like a monkey, and that’s no jidder!”

Dumpfbacke: German word literally meaning “dumbcheek”. Basically the equivalent of dimwit, stupid, or boring.
“Aop1980, you’re such a dumpfbacke!”

**Note: I have nothing against aop1980, he is only the butt of my jokes because I care about him. 😀

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