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A simple search for Las Vegas hotels returns a large number of results which can be sorted on a variety of criteria. You can list in the order of the best hotel deal, quality, price per night, or simply in alphabetical order. HotelsEscape also lets users narrow down search result based on hotel features such as swimming pools or restaurants.

If you’re traveling overseas and not familiar with the city layout, HotelsEscape can list hotels that are close to landmarks you specific. Travelers looking for hotel deals in Paris can find those located near famous tourist attractions such as the Louvre or Moulin Rouge.

Aside from letting you search for specific hotel deals HotelsEscape features offers to ski resorts, cruises, and casinos. As you search for the cheapest place to stay in a far off (or close by city) find your ideal flight using their flight search. In case you’re wondering, they have car and cruise as options as well.

Those of you who are addicted to the road can keep up with the HotelsEscape blog – even if you don’t plan on going anywhere right away at least you can do some travel “research”. Personally, I like that their telephone number is featured prominently and sales staff is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. is able to offer you very competitive rates on hotels since they process so many lodging reservations. From France to Orlando, is a great way to make an informed decision on where to stay during your next vacation and save some money at the same time.

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