Move easily and at low prices between New York’s airports, boroughs, and suburbs on Go Airlink Shuttle. Shuttles operate every day of the year and  connect to sites in New Jersey, including the Newark Airport Shuttle.

Go Airlink Shuttle has the permits required by the New York and New Jersey Port Authority that allows them to drive and park on the inner curb outside of baggage claim – a restricted area to most vehicular traffic. Reservations can be made online and the site is well designed making the process a simple one. Select the airport you would like to arrive at, then chose a pickup destination. A nice feature of the website (and service) is that you can specify the hotel or tourist attraction that you want to be picked up from. The rest of the reservation is fairly straightforward, simple select the time and number of passengers of the pickup.

Each passenger is allowed up to two pieces of luggage without additional charge, any other bags after that are $10 each. When I went through the process online I was given a $2 web discount off the total fare, which was $18 for a one-way trip to JFK airport from the center of New York City. The landing page is encrypted using a trusted SSL-certificate (better privacy and encryption than many similar sites) and you don’t have to register to book a shuttle.

Go Airlink Shuttle also offers special deals and other private charters.

This is a sponsored review of Go Airlink Shuttle.