Remove the single carrier restrictions and switch cell phone providers with the services of Unlock to Talk. The company can unlock your cell phone through you computer or at one of their walk-in locations.

Unlock to Talk offers a variety of ways to get your new or international phone unlock code and unlock cell phone. Cell phones can be unlocked remotely through your PC, by mail, or at one of their walk-in locations. The cost varies per device but for most phones the prices range from $25-$35. Payments are accepted with credit cards or using Paypal, and a 100% money-back guarantee if the phone is damaged or can’t be unlocked.

The site itself is not the best designed and is cluttered upon first look. It may be easier to call their US phone number or their toll-free Canada line, both of which are prominently displayed across the website. Those who are reluctant to send in their cell phones to the company can order previously unlocked phones and SIM cards which can be used outside of the US.

Unlock to Talk also offers iPhone unlocking, allowing you to leave AT&T to other carriers. I’d be wary of sending my iPhone off to anyone, so I’d recommend looking for an Unlock to Talk walk-in station to get the job done.

This is a sponsored review of Unlock to Talk.